Submission Process–instructions for manuscript submission to HortScience, HortTechnology and the Journal of ASHS

The manuscript submission and peer review processes are broken down into the following steps for each of the ASHS publications:

1.    Author submits a manuscript.

2.    Editor-in-Chief assigns Reviewers to the manuscript for peer review.
       a. ASHS utilizes hundreds of volunteer reviewers who are experts in the field directly related to the manuscript subject matter.
       b. A Consulting Editor is assigned to each submitted manuscript.
       c. A minimum of 3 reviewers are sssigned to each paper based on the reviewer's expertise.
       d. ASHS offers the option for double blind reviews where neither the author nor reviewer names are revealed at the author(s) request.
       e. Average time from submission date to first decision is 19 days and to

3.   Editor-in-Chief drafts a decision to be sent to the Author.

Publication fees apply. Please see below for exact pricing.

Submit papers to HortScience:             
Regular paper -- *Member rate $2,000 / Non-Member rate $3,000
**Short Paper -- *Member rate - $750 / Non-Member rate $1,000

*Member rate-papers must have at least one ASHS member as an author in order to qualify for the Member rate.
**Short Papers must be less than 1800 words including all titles, references, etc. May contain 2 scalable images.. 

Submit papers to HortTechnology:       
Regular paper -- *Member rate $1,500 / Non-Member rate $2,500
**Short Paper -- *Member rate - $500 / Non-Member rate $700

*Member rate-papers must have at least one ASHS member as an author in order to qualify for the Member rate.
**Short Papers must be less than 1800 words including all titles, references, etc. May contain 2 scalable images.

Submit papers to the Journal of ASHS:
*Member rate $2,500 / Non-Member rate $3,500

*Member rate-papers must have at least one ASHS member as an author in order to qualify for the Member rate.
Please note, because of the nature of the Journal papers, there is not "Short Paper" prices for this publication.


If you have previously submitted a paper, you will be required to log in with your log in name and password.

First-time users of the online submission system must register for an account.
Instructions on how to register for an account are accessed at the bottom of the login page.

After you have registered and logged in, you may submit a manuscript and check its progress through the system.

ASHS Publications Style Guide

Before submitting a manuscript, please gather the following information:

  • First and last names for all authors
  • ASHS membership status for all authors
  • Postal address (for corresponding author only)
  • Work telephone number (for corresponding author only)
  • E-mail addresses
  • Title and running title (you can copy and paste this from your manuscript)
  • •Abstract (you can copy and paste this from your manuscript)
  • Article and Tables files as Word documnets (Please make sure the "Language" is "English (U.S.)" via Tools->Language->Set Language), or RTF format. Note: pdf files are not acceptable for the article and table files.
  • Figures as separate files (preferable - see Figures, Images, Tables for additional information).
  • Supplemental Materials should be uploaded as separate files.
  • Names of two colleagues who reviewed the paper before submission. They may not be co-authors or potential reviewers of the paper. Insert their names in the "Manuscript   Comment" text box online.
  • Names, email addresses, and institutions of five potential reviewers for the paper. They may not be co-authors and may not be affiliated with the authors' universities or organizations.
  • Turn on the line number feature in your word processing program. Line numbers are used as reference points during the review process.
  • Provide contact information (e-mail address and institution) for any potential peer reviewers for your article.
  • Please note: All authors will be required to acknowledge the submission

Please do not confuse the cover letter with the cover page. The cover letter is an optional letter that accompanies the manuscript at submission. The cover page contains the title, and author names and affiliations.

Browser Settings

  • When you run the setup program for your browser, take the defaults to insure common utilities are available.
  • Make sure your browser allows JavaScript. You will not be able to venture past the initial page without JavaScript enabled.
  • You must also allow Cookies. The program writes a cookie to your system that is active until you log out. This cookie lets the system know you are a registered user and it is a security feature for the data contained in the system. The cookie is deactivated once you log out and you will receive a new one the next time you log in.

Submission Process

The manuscript submission process is broken into four steps that gather detailed information about your manuscript and allow you to upload the associated files. The four steps of the submission process are:

General Information:  All information about your manuscript, including the Authors, Manuscript Title, Abstract, Manuscript Classification, and File Quantities is gathered using a single submission form. NOTE: There is a button at the bottom of the screen that will allow you to save your progress and come back later, if needed. However, it is highly recommended that you try to submit your paper in one session if possible.

Upload Files:  A screen asking for the actual file locations (via an open file dialog). After completing this screen, your files will be sent to be converted to PDF for the peer review process.

Receipt:  A completion screen that will provide you with a specific manuscript tracking number for your manuscript.

Approve Manuscript Files:  An approval screen that will allow you to verify your manuscript has been uploaded and converted to PDF correctly.

Figures, Images, Tables

Figures/Images may be embedded in the manuscript file or sent as separate files in TIFF, JPG, PDF, Postscript, or EPS format.PDF is acceptable for figure files for production but not for text.  Include a figure caption page with just the captions on it, double-spaced. Label the figures as Fig. 1, Fig. 2, etc.

Please note that for initial figure/image submission, you should submit the lowest resolution possible at this time that will still allow for a quality representation of your images.

You will have another chance to resubmit your images at a higher resolution that will be acceptable for print at a later date, once your paper has been accepted for publication.

Review Your Submission

After the manuscript is submitted, you will be taken to a page that will allow you to review your manuscript that has been converted to PDF. If the conversion is not correct, you can replace or delete your manuscript files as necessary.

After you have reviewed the converted files, you will need to click on "Approve Manuscript". This link will have a red arrow next to it. Throughout the system, red arrows reflect pending action items that you should address.

After you approve your manuscript, you are finished.

After a review by staff, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of successful completion of your submission.

Manuscript Tracking

  • To track the status of your manuscript through the review and publication process:
  • Log into the system with your password.
  • Click on the link represented by your manuscript tracking number and abbreviated title.
  • Click on the "Check Status" link at the bottom of the displayed page.
  • This procedure will display detailed tracking information about where your manuscript is in the submission/peer review process.

Getting Help

  • Context-Sensitive - If you need additional help, you can click on the help signs spread throughout the system. A help dialog will pop up with context-sensitive help.
  • Contact Journal Staff - You may contact the Journal Staff at any time by clicking the "Send Manuscript Correspondence" link under the "More Manuscript Info and Tools" header on the manuscript details screen.
  • Login Help - If you have forgotten or do not know your login name or password, simply click the "Unknown/Forgotten Password" link on the appropriate journal submission page. You will be asked to enter either your Login Name or your First and Last Name. If a single account can be found in the database, the system will automatically and instantly send you an email with your login name and a new, temporary password. If a single account cannot be identified from the information provided, you will need to contact the Journal Staff to reset your password for you.

If you have additional questions about online submissions to:

HortScience, please email:     

HortTechnology, please email:

Journal of ASHS, please email: