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How do I search the site?

Information on how to search our site, including advanced search options, may be found:    here  


Are there direct links to the individual journal pages?

Yes. If you wish to bookmark your favorite journal, please use the direct links provided below. 


Journal of the ASHS:




In what formats is ASHS journal content available online?

Where available, users may access the full text HTML and inline PDF article content on our platform. For each article, we also offer the option to download a PDF version.


Should I create a profile?

If you create a profile on our journals platform you can save articles of interest or searches that you wish to run another time?

Creating a user profile allows you to:

  1. Bookmark
  2. Set up Table of Content alerts -- This enables you to keep up to date with the latest articles published in our journals
  3. Set up New Article alerts -- ASHS often publishes articles ahead of the main issue. Keep up to date with new articles as they become available online.
  4. Save Searches -- If you regularly search for the same information, you may save your search and be alerted to any new content that matches your search criteria in the future.
  5. Citation alerts -- These are available for individual articles. Our platform can alert you when someone else cites your article or an article that is of particular interest to you.
  6. Annotations


How do I create a profile?

To create a profile please go here and signup:

You will be asked to create a username (your email address) and a password.

Each time you come back to the site please log in with your profile username and password to access My Space. In this section of the site will be your saved searches and saved content.


Is my journal profile username and password the same as my ASHS membership username and password?

No. The ASHS membership site runs on a different platform to our journals site. As this time, we do not support a single sign-on solution between the two sites.


Can you alert me when new content is added to the website?

Yes. For further details please see the Why should I create a profile? section above.

To edit your alerts, please log into your ASHS journals profile here: Once you are logged into the site, go to My Space in the top right corner and then Alerts. You may update your alerts, bookmarks, annotations etc., from within this area.


What personal data do you store?

If you wish to see what personal data we store on this site, please log into your profile and click on your name. At the bottom of the Account Details page is a section entitled: EU General Data Protection Regulation Information. In this section you have the ability to download any personal data we maintain on file for you.

If you would like us to remove your profile details, please contact us:    here  


Do you sell or share my personal data?

No. ASHS does not sell or share your profile data with any external entity. ASHS reserves the right to use your profile data to send information pertaining to the journal site only.


Help with the Annotation tool

You are able to add annotations to journal articles as you read them. Highlight the text to add comments. These comments are accessible via your account, “My Space” once you are logged into the site.

Our journals website contains an annotation tool. This allows you to highlight passages within the fulltext HTML content and to find and those annotation notes at a later date.

To add and save an annotation you must first have a profile on our journal's website.

To create a profile please go here and signup: You will be asked to create a username (your email address) and a password.

Already a member? Please login here:

Each time you come back to the site please login with your username and password to access My Space. In this section of the site will be your saved annotations.

Once you are signed into the site, find an article that includes fulltext content (note that this does not apply to PDF documents for which you should use your own tools). Highlight the text you wish to annotate and, if you wish, add comments.

When you save the annotation it will highlight within the fulltext. These annotations and comments are accessible via your profile My Space.


Do I need a subscription to access journal articles?

No, you do not need a subscription to access our journal content. In 2020, all three of our journals moved from a Subscription Model to an Open Access model. 


What does Open Access mean?

Open means anyone can freely access, use, modify, and share for any purpose (subject, at most, to requirements that preserve provenance and openness).


What Creative Commons license does ASHS use?

All articles published in ASHS journals are open-access and adhere to Creative Commons licensing: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 -- You may share, copy and redistribute this material for non-commercial purposes in any medium.


What browsers are recommended?

Our journals platform is configured for use with current iterations of:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • MS Edge

If you experience issues viewing aspects of the site, please ensure that you are using one of the above browsers and that it is fully updated.


Can you give me permission to reuse an image?

Please see the permissions page for more details.