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All ASHS journals are open access and available only online.


Are there direct links to the individual journal pages?

Yes. ASHS journals may be found at the following locations:

    Journal of the ASHS:




COUNTER 5 Reporting

ASHS captures COUNTER 5 usage metrics. If your institution would to track your usage of our publications, please provide us with the following:

  • Institution Name
  • Contact Name and Email Address - we prefer a generic email address as that will be used as your sign-in Username. You are able to create your own password when you first sign into our Account Management and Reporting System.
  • List of all applicable IP addresses. We accept IP v4 address only (e.g. or -
To access our Account Management and Reporting System click and bookmark this link:  



ASHS offers these files to help users find the most relevant journals to which their libraries have full text access:    KBART - All ASHS Journals  
If you have any questions or notice an error in one of the KBART lists, please contact us:    here  


KBART Files Explained

KBART ('Knowledge Bases and Related Tools') is a NISO-recommended practice that facilitates the transfer of holdings metadata from content providers to libraries knowledge-base suppliers (the latter being widely used to support library link resolvers and electronic resource management systems).

Further information can be found at and


Print - Single Issues

Single issue print copies are available by request exclusively through the Sheridan print-on-demand program. Please email for pricing and ordering details.