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Advertising Rates

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Journals Options and Rates:


Issue Page Side Banner Ad (300 x 250 px)

  • 1 month = $550
  • 3 months @ $300/month = $1,460
  • 6 months @ $265/month = $2,515
  • 12 months @ $230/month = $4,210

Article page and Issue Page Side Banner Ad (300 x 250 px)

  • 1 month = $715
  • 3 months = $1,855
  • 6 months = $3,175 
  • 12 months = $5,265


General Ad Guidelines

• Ads must be submitted in either . png or .jpg format.

• Animated ads must be approved by ASHS ahead of publication.

• Transparent backgrounds are not allowed.

• No borders: a 1 pixel border will be automatically added.

• Content must occupy the entire space of the ad.

• All text must be easy to read, with edges that are crisp and smooth and a legible font size.

• Ads should be in keeping with the clean look of the ASHS website.

• Ads must contain your company logo or some text (for example, the company name, a tagline,

the product name); photo only ads are not permitted.

• All ad images allow a maximum 50K file size for standard sized images, and 100K file size for

retina display sized images.

• We reserve the right to refuse advertisements for any reason.

• Ads may run concurrently with other ads during the placement period.


General Policy

ASHS shall not be responsible for errors in any advertisement due to errors in ad copy or artwork

furnished by the advertiser. In the event of any error in any advertisement not caused by errors in

ad copy or artwork furnished by the advertiser, the liability of the Publisher shall be limited to the

return of any charges paid by the advertiser to the Publisher.


Advertisers and agencies representing the advertiser assume liability for all ad contents, text,

photos, illustrations, representations, and advertisements printed, and also assume responsibility

for any claims arising there from made against the publisher. The Publisher reserves the right to

reject any advertising which is not in keeping with the publication’s standards. We reserve the

right to repeat previous copy if new copy is not received by the space reservation deadline.


The advertiser agrees to honor any offers specified in its advertisement as per its terms and

conditions. The advertiser assumes full responsibility that the advertiser’s advertisement,

business operations, services and products comply with all applicable laws.


Collection Policy/Terms

Total payment due with contract for one time ads. Multiple run ads will be billed, and invoice is

due on receipt. No one time ads will be published without payment in full in advance.



Submission of any advertisement, space reservation or position commitment constitutes  

acceptance of all the foregoing general conclusions.


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