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Zhang Deshun and Jia Xiangyun

Taking Beihua shan and Wuling shan mountain as examples, the author investigated the Wild Ornamental Plants (WOP) resources in mountain area of northern China in detail with ecological systematic sampling method. The meteorological data of no meteorological observed plots was reckoned theoretically using statistics. And then the main factors that influence the WOP distribution were sifted out by the progressive regression analysis. At last the optimized chains of adaptability with which the WOP will be introduced from mountain to urban area and of most suitable place on which certain plants will be introduced were defined. In order to enrich the capital Beijing's afforestation materiels, this paper offers a reliable basis in terms of theory.

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Yuxin Chen, Zishuo Zhang, Kexin Wang, Lijin Ou, and Yan Ao

’ begins to blossom in early May, which usually lasts for 25 d. Consequently, ‘Yan Xia’ is an attractive choice for urban afforestation in northern China. Fig. 1. Morphological characteristics of ‘Yan Xia’: ( A ) racemose inflorescences and ( B

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Qin Shi, Yunlong Yin, Zhiquan Wang, Wencai Fan, Jinbo Guo, and Jianfeng Hua

response of plant root to reduced soil water availability is necessary to be examined. The genus Taxodium is valuable for restoring degraded coastal areas, urban landscapes, and other greening projects ( Creech et al., 2011 ). In China, Taxodium hybrid

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Shawna Loper, Amy L. Shober, Christine Wiese, Geoffrey C. Denny, Craig D. Stanley, and Edward F. Gilman

Caravaca, F. Figueroa, D. Alguacil, M.M. Roldan, A. 2003 Application of composted urban residue enhanced the performance of afforested shrub species in a degraded semiarid land Bioresour. Technol. 90 65 70

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Bert M. Cregg, Pascal Nzokou, and Ron Goldy

mulch or synthetic mulch mats have also been used to aid establishment of trees for afforestation and reforestation ( Samyn and DeVos, 2002 ; Walker and McLaughlin, 1989 ). Plastic mulch typically improves early tree survival and growth, although

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Xingsui Wang, Yuting Huang, Ji Tian, Jie Zhang, Yanfen Lu, Xiaoxiao Qin, Yujing Hu, and Yuncong Yao

the northern temperate zone ( Li, 1999 ). Crabapples play an increasingly important role in the natural environment, improving the urban and rural landscape, and enriching the diversity of ornamental plants. The color, shape, and pattern of the

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Qin Shi, Yunlong Yin, Zhiquan Wang, Wencai Fan, and Jianfeng Hua

, T .118 is the result of a backcrossed generation [(BC × MC)♀ × MC♂] made in 1990s and selected in 2004 at the Nanjing Botanical Garden ( Yin and Yu, 2005 ). Field afforestation of T .118 plants in this decade indicated heterobeltiosis in growth rate