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exchange between the bulk atmosphere and the thallus interior ( Green and Snelgar, 1982 ). In place of a functional stomatal complex, liverwort has a pore structure that is a largely unregulated diffusion pathway. It is reasonable to surmise that this

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morphology of liverworts ( Budke et al., 2018 ). The thickness of the thallus is 0.3 to 0.6 mm at the midrib region and gradually becomes thinner toward the margin ( Shimamura, 2015 ). The thallus is dorsiventral with a broad laminar surface for maximum

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and sexually. Liverwort spread asexually via splashing of gemmae or sexually via dissemination of airborne spores. Gemmae cups are circular projections that cover the thallus surface. Within gemmae cups are asexually produced diaspores called gemmae

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the causal agent ( Daines and Trout, 1977 ; Ries and Royse, 1978 ). Recent molecular-based research examining the rDNA internal transcribed spacer sequences of fungal thallus from rusty spot lesions has confirmed the pathogen to be P. leucotricha

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