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Kourosh Vahdati, Naser Lotfi, Bahman Kholdebarin, Darab Hassani, Reza Amiri, Mohammad Reza Mozaffari, and Charles Leslie

needed as replicates for studying tolerance genes in rootstock breeding programs ( Falconer and Mackay, 1996 ). Germination is an important stage in the life cycle of species growing under stress conditions, because this stage determines the soil

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Sameh Sassi-Aydi, Samir Aydi, and Chedly Abdelly

more costly than NH 4 + assimilation. Common bean responds to osmotic stress by osmotic adjustment, which enhances stress tolerance ( Sassi et al., 2010a , 2010b ). A previous study with common bean cultivars showed the relative sensitivity of cv

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Pilar Andreu, Arancha Arbeloa, Pilar Lorente, and Juan A. Marín

model for analyzing salt stress tolerance in different species. Fruit tree rootstock selection would benefit from research strategies that shorten the long times required for growing woody plants. Selection studies with fruit trees have been accelerated

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Feifei Li, Da Zhan, Lixin Xu, Liebao Han, and Xunzhong Zhang

important role in stress tolerance ( Liu et al., 2002 ; Zhang et al., 2009 ). ABA and IAA are hormones that mediate signaling events involved in plant adaptation to stress and senescence. IAA is the primary auxin in the majority of plant species. The

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Tingting Zhao, Jingkang Hu, Yingmei Gao, Ziyu Wang, Yufang Bao, Xiaochun Zhang, Huanhuan Yang, Dongye Zhang, Jingbin Jiang, He Zhang, Jingfu Li, Qingshan Chen, and Xiangyang Xu

studies of stress tolerance in plants, it is found that the transcription factor activates or inhibits the expression of related genes through interactions with other related proteins or itself and then plays an important role in regulating the

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Shanshan Sun, Mengying An, Liebao Han, and Shuxia Yin

. et Mey under drought stress condition ( Li et al., 2012 ) and improved the salt tolerance of two wheat ( Triticum aestivum Linn.) varieties ( Sairam, 1994 ). Similar results were also reported in Brassica juncea (L.) ( Yusuf et al., 2008 ), which

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Kemin Su, Justin Q. Moss, Guolong Zhang, Dennis L. Martin, and Yanqi Wu

, ‘Latitude 36’ under 8 d drought stress; lane 7, ‘Premier’ under 8 d drought stress. All lanes were loaded with 20 μg buffer-soluble protein. Our results suggest that dehydrin polypeptides of 16 and 23 kDa play a role in drought tolerance of bermudagrass. The

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Suejin Park, Youyoun Moon, and Nicole L. Waterland

increased water deficit stress tolerance by reducing g S in bedding plants ( Park et al., 2016 ; Waterland et al., 2010a , 2010b ). Stress tolerance can be enhanced by imposing a single stressor in advance of later stresses. Earlier stress can result in

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Yiming Liu, Hongmei Du, Kai Wang, Bingru Huang, and Zhaolong Wang

stress in turfgrass species despite the importance of photosynthesis in plant stress tolerance. Understanding differential responses of photosynthetic metabolism between turfgrass species differing in salinity tolerance may provide further insights into

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Yai Ulrich Adegbola and Héctor E. Pérez

). It should be noted, however, that the sensitivity or tolerance to stress can be uncoupled from germination rate or uniformity. In other words, sensitivity to stress as displayed by a loss of germination ability (i.e., reduced germination percentage