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Adam O. Maggard, Rodney E. Will, Thomas C. Hennessey, Craig R. McKinley, and Janet C. Cole

the effects of various tree-based mulches on soil properties and plant growth. Soil moisture content, soil nutrients, weed suppression, rate of mulch decomposition, and growth and survival of planted trees, annuals and perennials were determined

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Mohammed B. Tahboub, William C. Lindemann, and Leigh Murray

and leaching. Organic amendments improve soil physical properties by increasing waterholding capacity, soil aggregation, soil aeration, and permeability and decreasing soil crusting and bulk density ( Oades, 1984 ; Tisdall and Oades, 1982 ). Soil

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Chenping Xu and Beiquan Mou

Soil organic matter plays a key role to achieve sustainability in agricultural production, because it possesses many desirable properties such as high WHC, CEC, ability to sequester contaminants, and beneficial effects on the physical, chemical, and

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Philip J. Brown, Lambert B. McCarty, Virgil L. Quisenberry, L. Ray Hubbard Jr., and M. Brad Addy

properties by evaluating SWCs, K sat , porosity, and bulk density. Materials and Methods Soil from the Bt horizon of a Cecil soil (55% sand, 2% silt, 43% clay) was collected from Clemson University, Clemson, SC; oven-dried; and ground. Sand was separated and

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Jordan M. Craft, Christian M. Baldwin, Wayne H. Philley, James D. McCurdy, Barry R. Stewart, Maria Tomaso-Peterson, and Eugene K. Blythe

). Hollow-tine aerification, also known as core aerification, is an effective practice that physically removes a soil core to improve soil physical properties. Research has shown that HT aerification improves water infiltration and reduces VWC in putting

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Hao Kai Yan, ShaoYing Ma, Xu Lu, Cong Cong Zhang, Lei Ma, Kang Li, Yun Chun Wei, Mei Shuang Gong, and Sheng Li

, and Jiayuguan, each of which has different climatic conditions and soil properties. Because of the limited number of studies conducted to date, our understanding of the effects of soil and climate-related factors on grape quality in the Hexi Corridor

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Yuqing Wang, Richard J. Heerema, James L. Walworth, Barry Dungan, Dawn VanLeeuwen, and F. Omar Holguin

studied. The objective of the present work was to describe how increasing tree Zn levels with soil application of Zn EDTA fertilizers affects nutraceutical properties of pecan kernels. Information obtained will help in understanding how tree Zn nutrition

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Ty A. McClellan, Roch E. Gaussoin, Robert C. Shearman, Charles S. Wortmann, Martha Mamo, Garald L. Horst, and David B. Marx

soil fertility recommendations and other management practices for improved putting surfaces. This study was initiated to characterize nutrient and chemical properties of putting greens as impacted by 1) root zone mixture and establishment treatments; 2

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Bryant C. Scharenbroch

experiment was conducted to determine the impacts on tree and soil properties of varying rates of ACT. Treatment effects were examined for two tree species ( Acer saccharum and Quercus macrocarpa ) and three soil types (sand, uncompacted loam, and compacted

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Alex J. Lindsey, Adam W. Thoms, Nick E. Christians, and Ben W. Pease

impacted reduced soil bulk density, surface hardness, and thatch organic matter content. Reducing the frequency of aerification events while still affecting the same amount of surface area did not result in improved soil physical properties, but it did