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Adam Montri and J.A. Biernbaum

-layer inflated polyethylene film. They can be used for season extension and 12-month production. Seasonal versus 12-month covers and the number of crops per year define the degree of variance in soil management practices from standard field production methods

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Jennifer Moore-Kucera, Anita Nina Azarenko, Lisa Brutcher, Annie Chozinski, David D. Myrold and Russell Ingham

managers in determining which soil tests they should use and which best management practice recommendations they should adopt. A well-defined, multiobjective decision-making framework is needed to evaluate management decisions with regard to their

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C. A. Sanchez

192 WORKSHOP 24 (Abstr. 1063-1064) Considerations of Salt Management in Soil and Water for Horticultural Crop Protection

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Seiichi Miyamoto and Monte Nesbitt

in pecan orchards. Sodded floor management has also been reported to improve soil permeability (e.g., Folorunso et al., 1992 ; Prichard et al., 1990 ). However, the data needed to evaluate the effectiveness of these methods for leaching salt in

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Adam D. Karl, Ian A. Merwin, Michael G. Brown, Rebecca A. Hervieux and Justine E. Vanden Heuvel

( Epstein and Grant, 1973 ). Weed management strategies that do not leave soil bare therefore offer the potential to prevent erosion and runoff. Cultivation stimulates the loss of soil organic matter by disturbing the soil profile and exposing organic

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S. Castro Bustamante and T.K. Hartz

in high N demand crops such as tomato ( Gaskell and Smith, 2007 ). Not only must organic soil management provide sufficient plant-available N to maximize crop productivity, but also do so in a timely manner to ensure that crops are not N limited at

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Maren J. Mochizuki, Anusuya Rangarajan, Robin R. Bellinder, Harold M. van Es and Thomas Björkman

series book 4. Sust. Agr. Network Beltsville, MD Maiorana, M. Castrignano, A. Fornaro, F. 2001 Crop residue management effects on soil mechanical impedance J. Agr. Eng. Res. 79 231 237

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Emily K. Dixon, Bernadine C. Strik and David R. Bryla

growth and soil properties was studied by Harkins et al. (2013) during establishment and by Fernandez-Salvador et al. (2015a , 2015b ), although effects over a longer time period and combined with other management practices are still unknown. The

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Handell Larco, Bernadine C. Strik, David R. Bryla and Dan M. Sullivan

; Table 1 ) relative to the soil and applied sawdust, was expected to increase soil pH. Fish emulsion also reduced soil pH, particularly when the higher rate of fish fertilizer was applied. Nitrogen fertilizer application is the primary management practice

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Marvin P. Pritts

effect on growth or yield; and 3) a foliar analysis is informative for all essential macro and micronutrients, whereas soil tests provide little value to guide management of micronutrients or N. When soil tests are used together with foliar analyses and