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R.S. Mylavarapu

tests are used to monitor the impact of past fertility practices on changes in the soil nutrient status. The recommendations are made based on the results from analytical tests done on soil, plant tissue, and sap, and subsequent crop response. The main

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Metin Turan, Nizamettin Ataoglu, Adem Gunes, Taskin Oztas, Atilla Dursun, Melek Ekinci, Quirine M. Ketterings and Yuh Ming Huang

study were 1) to evaluate the yield response of four cultivars of Brussels sprout to B fertilizer; 2) to determine the effects of B addition on the mineral composition of Brussels sprout heads; and 3) to determine optimum soil test B levels for Brussels

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Thomas Björkman and Stephen Reiners

. Satisfactory stands require high P availability to seedlings, but bioavailability to chilling-sensitive crops like snap bean is low in cold soil even when soil tests show excessive P ( Grant et al., 2001 ; Lorenz and Vittum, 1980 ). The 1981–2010 mean

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Theocharis Chatzistathis, Ioannis Therios and Dimitrios Alifragis

investigation was to find possible genotypic differences between the two previously mentioned olive cultivars in the absorption, distribution among various tissues, and use efficiency of Mn, Fe, and Zn in each of the three soils used. To have a better and global

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Amaya Atucha and Greg Litus

repeated measurement model (JMP, Version Pro 11; SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC) was used to analyze growth rate data from week to week. Biomass data, tissue, and soil nutrient content were analyzed as a one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) due to significant

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Bohan Liu and Peter J. Landschoot

tall fescue in silt loam soil with a range of P during late summer and fall and to determine changes in foliar tissue N and P and the P results of a soil test in response to P fertilizer applied at rates typical of starter fertilizer applications to

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George E. Boyhan, Reid L. Torrance and C. Randy Hill

K fertilization effect on yield and tissue nutrient status in the Vidalia growing area of southeast Georgia with the ultimate goal of reevaluating soil test recommendations. In addition, several commercially available fertilizer sources were

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Bernadine C. Strik, Amanda Vance, David R. Bryla and Dan M. Sullivan

were collected in autumn of each year (five replicates per treatment). Duke was the only cultivar sampled (to reduce costs and because fewer differences were expected between cultivars for soil than for leaf tissue testing). Two samples were taken per

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Marvin P. Pritts

.) crops ( May and Pritts, 1990 ). Standard preplant practices Before strawberries are planted, soil testing is recommended and adjustments are made to pH, phosphorus (P), potassium (K), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), and boron (B). Organic matter additions

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Kristin L. Getter and Dale W. Rozeboom

routine on-farm dead animals and processing byproducts from animal processing businesses. Composting is the biological decomposition of animal tissues under controlled or managed conditions to a condition where storage, handling, and use as a soil