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Fernanda Trientini and Paul R. Fisher

simplify nutrient management in small-scale hydroponic systems by providing adequate nutrition for basil. The approach taken was a) to quantify nutrient release of from a selection of coated (CRF) salts and commercial blends, b) to evaluate plant growth

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Elisa Solis-Toapanta, Paul Fisher, and Celina Gómez

to be actively involved in the growing and harvesting process and may be satisfied with small harvests for their personal use ( Gao et al., 2009 ; Paz et al., 2019 ). Therefore, EC in hydroponic systems used for indoor gardening of basil may not need

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Anita L. Hayden

1 Adjunct assistant professor, Dept. of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, University of Arizona, Tucson. This work was funded in part by a Small Business Innovation Research Grant from the National Institutes of Health, National

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Gianna Short, Chengyan Yue, Neil Anderson, Carol Russell, and Nicholas Phelps

, N. 2004 Evaluation and development of aquaponics production and product market capabilities in Alberta. Alberta Initiatives Fund Final Rpt. 679056201 Somerville, C. Cohen, M. Pantanella, E. Stankus, A. Lovatelli, A. 2014 Small-scale aquaponic food

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Elisa Solis-Toapanta, Andrei Kirilenko, and Celina Gómez

questions can be identified to help describe knowledge gaps in specific online communities ( Agichtein et al., 2008 ; Nicol, 2018 ). Indoor gardening, which typically integrates small-scale edible crop (e.g., herbs, greens, and low-profile fruits and

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Samuel E. Wortman, Michael S. Douglass, and Jeffrey D. Kindhart

to gaps in technical knowledge about specialty crop production systems that are new or potentially unique to a given agroecoregion. Given the small-scale and adverse climatic conditions of midwestern United States specialty crop farms, novel

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Chengyan Yue, Zata Vickers, Jingjing Wang, Neil O. Anderson, Lauren Wisdorf, Jenna Brady, Michele Schermann, Nicholas Phelps, and Paul Venturelli

benefits Nutr. Today 53 2 841 850 < > Somerville, C. Cohen, M. Pantanella, E. Stankus, A. Lovatelli, A. 2014 Small-scale aquaponic food

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Richard V. Tyson, Danielle D. Treadwell, and Eric H. Simonne

esculentum ) in a small-scale recirculation water system Aquaculture 41 271 283

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ecosystems, but many aquatic plant nurseries lack the facilities for large-scale aquatic-plant production. Gettys and Moore (p. 41) found that four greenhouse-grown native aquatic species were tallest, heaviest, and had the highest quality when they were

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Daniel P. Gillespie, Chieri Kubota, and Sally A. Miller

DO was lower than optimum (>5 ppm), differences between inoculated and noninoculated treatments were small (<0.5 ppm) regardless of pH. Pythium root rot incidence is known to increase at low DO of hydroponic solutions ( Mattson, 2018 ). Table 2. Mean