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Tina Bringslimark, Terry Hartig, and Grete Grindal Patil

the other hand. Two of the outcomes selected for study here, sick leave and productivity, can plausibly be attributed, at least in part, to chronic stress resulting from workplace demands. Another outcome studied here, perceived stress, is thus

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Mary Lewnes Albrecht

, and topical papers lets students know you care about the quality of their work and want them to be professional about it. Provide information about all scheduled events for the course. Does your syllabus set the bar or leave the door open for the “I

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Arnold W. Schumann

loading from leachates leaving the root zone compared with the uniform treatment. Mean leachate nitrate-N concentrations for all VRF treatments ranged from 1.5 to 4.5 mg·L −1 and were below the maximum contaminant level for groundwater of 10 mg·L −1

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Creighton K. Thomas, Kwang Jin Kim, and Stanley J. Kays

Apte, 2010 ; Kim et al., 2009 ; Pegas et al., 2012 ), leaving open the question, whether plants actually represent a viable solution for modulating the concentration of VOCs in a home or office environment. Buildings, in contrast to small sealed

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Yai Ulrich Adegbola, Paul R. Fisher, and Alan W. Hodges

surveyed. The “hourly labor cost” to the greenhouse business was defined as the hourly wage plus benefits paid by the greenhouse operation including worker compensation insurance, health insurance, retirement, vacation and sick leave, holiday paid, and

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Tracy Monique Magellan, Chad Husby, Stella Cuestas, and M. Patrick Griffith

effect of the orange oil. Orange oil was not tested on fadang. Neem oil also had a negative effect on debao cycads, leaving only one of the five plants in good condition at the end of the experiment. One plant died early on and three more plants were

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Jane Dyrhauge Thomsen, Hans K.H. Sønderstrup-Andersen, and Renate Müller

discomfort symptoms ( Fjeld, 2000 ; Fjeld et al., 1998 ). Nevertheless, a small but significant reliable association with higher sick leave has been found ( Bringslimark et al., 2007 ). Mood and Emotions It has been found that ornamental plants in workplaces

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Eric W. Kerschen, Caleb Garten, Kimberly A. Williams, and Melanie M. Derby

. These plants leave their stomata closed during the day to conserve water and reduce transpiration. Plant stomata then open at night to access carbon dioxide, allowing transpiration to occur ( Taiz and Zeiger, 2006 ). Therefore, maximum transpiration