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Natalia R. Dolce, Ricardo D. Medina, Luis A. Mroginski, and Hebe Y. Rey

micropropagation for the genus Cohniella . In this study, we examined the possibility of storing C. cepula pollinia at 4, −20, −70, and −196 °C. Pollen viability was evaluated by their fertilizing ability, fruit and seed formation, seed viability, in vitro seed

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Wagner A. Vendrame, Virginia S. Carvalho, José M.M. Dias, and Ian Maguire

, pollen grains are fused into a structure called pollinium. The genus Dendrobium has pollen grains grouped into four pollinia ( Sheehan and Sheehan, 1994 ). Particularly for orchid breeding and production, the proper storage of pollen may allow crosses

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Mary Lewis, Matthew Chappell, Paul A. Thomas, Rebekah C. Maynard, and Ockert Greyvenstein

breeding and selection progress is that Asclepias boasts one of the most complex reproductive structures known in the plant kingdom ( Wyatt, 1976 ). Much like the Orchidaceae family, pollen is transmitted via pollinia, or sac-like structures containing

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Cheng-Jung Hu, Nean Lee, and Yung-I Lee

., 2002 ), radish ( Shi et al., 2010 ), and rice ( Ku et al., 2003 ; Shi et al., 2009 ). The pollinia development of orchids has been reported in Calanthe Lindl. ( Hegde and Rudramuniyappa, 1986 ), Epidendrum Lindl. ( Yeung, 1987 ; Yeung and Blackman

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Richard A. Criley

will seek them out. The secret of orchid success is sex—not just normal sex, but weird sex. Whether creating a labellum structure resembling a female bee to lure a male bee to try to copulate with it, thus removing its pollinia, or producing a scent

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Pablo Bolaños-Villegas, Shih-Wen Chin, and Fure-Chyi Chen

with FDA reveals cell membrane functionality ( Pritchard, 1985 ). FDA (Fluka, Buchs, Switzerland) was dissolved at 0.5% (w/v) in absolute acetone, 1:49 diluted in 10% sucrose solution. Fresh pollinia were collected from unopened full-size flower buds

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Lydia E. Wahba, Nor Hazlina, A. Fadelah, and Wickneswari Ratnam

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Science & Horticulture. 11 Jan. 2013. < http://www.Orchidaceae.htm/ > Chaudhary, B. Chattopadhyay, P. Verma, N. Banerjeem, N. 2012 Understanding the phylomorphological implications of Pollinia from Dendrobium (Orchidaceae

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Boris Andrés Bran Barrientos and Jong-Yi Fang

transferring pollinia onto the stigma of the same flower. Seed capsules were harvested 28 d after pollination. Asymbiotic seed germination. The capsules were surface-sterilized using 70% ethanol for 1 min followed by 1% NaOCl (with one drop of Tween-20) for 20