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Marci Spaw, Kimberly A. Williams, Laurie Hodges, Ellen T. Paparozzi and Ingrid L. Mallberg

diagnostic tools. These tools include contacting extension specialists in horticulture, entomology, and plant pathology; nutrient analyses; and pathology tests. The “time and money budget form” (TMBF), which was refined in 2006 ( Fig. 1 ), is designed to help

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S. Snapp, W. Kirk, B. Román-Avilés and J. Kelly

1 Dept. of Horticulture. 2 Dept. of Plant Pathology. 3 Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences.

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Matthew R. Chappell, Sarah A. White, Amy F. Fulcher, Anthony V. LeBude, Gary W. Knox and Jean-Jacques B. Dubois

of entomology, plant pathology, and weed sections, based on nondocumented conversations with respondents, was likely because of pest-specific details related to pest biology and chemical treatment options available. Before this publication, to our

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D.J. Norman, R.J. Henny, J.M.F. Yuen and T.A. Mellich

1 Dept. of Plant Pathology. 2 Dept. of Environmental Horticulture. Florida Agricultural Experiment Station Journal Series No. R-08612.

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James M. Bradeen, Inga C. Bach, Mathilde Briard, Valérie le Clerc, Dariusz Grzebelus, Douglas A. Senalik and Philipp W. Simon

1 Current address: Department of Plant Pathology, 1630 Linden Drive, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN 55108.

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Jeffrey H. Gillman, David C. Zlesak and Jason A. Smith

1 Assistant Professor. 2 Graduate Research Assistant. 3 Graduate Research Assistant, Dept. of Plant Pathology. Scientific Journal Series Paper No. 021210111 of the Dept. of Horticultural Science.

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Douglas V. Shaw, Thomas R. Gordon and Kirk D. Larson

1 Pomology Dept. 2 Plant Pathology Dept. We wish to thank Lassen Canyon Nursery for their generous assistance in conducting the nursery phases of this research.

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R.T. Nagata, V.L. Guzman, L.E. Datnoff and R.N. Raid

1 Assistant Professor of Horticulture. 2 Professor Emeritus. 3 Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology. 4 Associate Professor of Plant Pathology. Agr. Expt. Sta., Journal Series no. R-00891. The cost of publishing this paper was defrayed in

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Alan R. Biggs

1 Associate Professor of Plant Pathology. This research was conducted while the author was Research Scientist and Head, Plant Pathology Section, Agriculture Canada, Research Station, Vineland Station, Ont., LOR 2E

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Gary A Chastagner, Ulrik Bräuner Nielsen and Kathleen L. Riley

1 e-mail . 2 e-mail . Plant Pathology New Series No. 0348, Project WNP0388, Dept. of Plant Pathology, College of Agriculture and Home Economics, Wash. State Univ., Pullman. The USDA FAS, ICD, RSED Scientific