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Jinshi Cui, Myongkyoon Yang, Daesik Son, Seongmin Park, and Seong-In Cho

. 6. The probability of developing a bruise based on the logistic model for tomato fruits. Temperature had a positive effect on the weight loss and firmness loss rates ( Fig. 7 ); a warmer temperature caused more bruising. However, RH showed the

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Le Luo, Yichi Zhang, Yingnan Wang, Tangren Cheng, Huitang Pan, Jia Wang, and Qixiang Zhang

, and fresh weight of gesnariad. In model y NL (where NL is the number of leaves), the p coefficient was positive, indicating that P had a positive effect on the number of leaves on gesnariad. In models y SLA and y FW , the negative coefficients of

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Carl E. Niedziela Jr., Mary A. Depa, Paul V. Nelson, Daniel H. Willits, Mary M. Peet, David A. Dickey, and Nancy C. Mingis

shoots after 5 weeks: (A) without and (B) with shoot dry weight as a covariate in the model. Table 3. The interactive effects of CO 2 and photosynthetic photon flux ( PPF ) on shoot dry wt and main effect of PPF on nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium

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Ada Baldi, Anna Lenzi, Marco Nannicini, Andrea Pardini, and Romano Tesi

greater effect on this parameter than P or K ( Table 2 ). In absence of N fertilization (zero N rate) aerial dry weight was significantly lower than with any other N rates, and increased by 144% passing from zero N to half N rate; its highest value was

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Catherine M. Grieve, James A. Poss, Peter J. Shouse, and Christy T. Carter

plant measurements were recorded at that time: stem length, diameter, and weight; inflorescence length; numbers of open florets, buds, and axillary buds; floret diameter; and root weight. Fig. 1. Schematic of a five-parameter phasic growth model

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Menahem Edelstein, Daniel Berstein, Moshe Shenker, Hasan Azaizeh, and Meni Ben-Hur

model. Biomass reduction in basil plants fits an exponential model in both root and shoot tissues ( Fig. 6 ). Roots of basil plants exposed to 0.5 mg Se/L were 58% smaller than control plant roots, whereas at the same concentration no significant weight

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Rangjian Qiu, Yuanshu Jing, Chunwei Liu, Zaiqiang Yang, and Zhenchang Wang

) are commonly used to describe yield–salinity relationship. The LF may affect the yield of peppers, but whether the LF also has an effect on the parameters of these models is unclear. Irrigation with saline water may in many cases improve fruit quality

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Anna Underhill, Cory Hirsch, and Matthew Clark

to skewing ( Supplemental Figs. 3 and 4 ). This non-normality was most likely due to the effect of the extremes because the population was skewed toward small, loose clusters. In 2018, cluster weight and cluster length were the only traits distributed

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Yuyao Kong, Ajay Nemali, Cary Mitchell, and Krishna Nemali

not a significant predictor variable in the fitted models ( Table 2 ). In the low range of PPFD levels to which plants were exposed, spectral quality of light likely can have a pronounced effect on observed plant responses ( Nelson and Bugbee, 2014

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Jacob H. Shreckhise, James S. Owen Jr., Matthew J. Eick, Alexander X. Niemiera, James E. Altland, and Brian E. Jackson

when analyzing TDW and P tissue content, the random block effect was removed from the analysis because it did not improve the model fit. When the substrate × time interaction was significant, simple effects were analyzed via Dunnett’s method or Tukey