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Gregory D. May, Hugh S. Mason, and Charles J. Arntzen

The concept of “Functional Foods” is becoming a commonly used term in discussions of human nutrition. Consumer awareness of natural food constituents and their role in cancer and cardiovascular disease prevention has done much to increase health consciousness with respect to plant products. The Plants and Human Health Program of the Boyce Thompson Institute uses molecular techniques to create transgenic plants with modified food composition; our goal is to devise strategies for production of pharmaceuticals or “nutraceuticals” in plants. Our initial focus has been genes encoding the antigenic proteins of human infectious agents such as hepatitis B and the causal agents of diarrheal disease. Areas of research include; 1) methods to increase production of foreign proteins in transgenic plants, and 2) utilization of engineered edible plant tissues for animal feeding studies. We have found that transgenic foods orally immunize test animals; these findings portend many new and exciting possibilities for plant medicinal chemistry.

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Allen V. Barker

constituents and organic chemistry to understand the content. Readers also will learn a lot about plant constituents and organic chemistry when they examine this chapter. The second chapter has a lengthy title and deals with the synthesis of phytochemicals

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Barbara M. Schmidt

.C. 2003 Micropropagation of Anemopaegma arvense : Conservation of an endangered medicinal plant Planta Med. 69 571 573 Philippe, M. Didillon, B. Gilbert, L. 2012 Industrial commitment to green and sustainable chemistry: Using renewable materials

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Valtcho D. Jeliazkov (Zheljazkov)

Chemistry of Spices. V.A. Parthasarathy, B. Chempakam, and T.J. Zachariah. 2008. Oxford University Press, 198 Madison Avenue, New York. NY 10016. 400 pp. $190.00. Hardback, ISBN13: 9781845934057; ISBN10: 1845934059. Hardback, 400 pages Spices

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Julia Charlotte Robinson, Guochen Yang, Sanjun Gu, and Zhongge (Cindy) Lu

the nomenclature, distribution, chemistry, market status, analytical methods, and safety HerbalGram 98 32 51 Gardner, Z. 2002 Cultivation and marketing of woodland medicinal plants: Spring 2002 special supplement on agroforestry. Northeast Organic

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Zengqiang Ma, Shishang Li, Meijun Zhang, Shihao Jiang, and Yulan Xiao

constituents have antioxidant properties ( Shih et al., 2003 ). The international trade of medicinal plants is becoming a major force in the global economy, and the demands of A. formosanus are rapidly increasing in Chinese medicine. However, overharvesting

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Mingyuan Xu, Yingwei Wang, Qianbo Wang, Shenglei Guo, Yang Liu, Jia Liu, Zhonghua Tang, and Zhenyue Wang

the active medicinal ingredient. Dried leaf, stem, and root of Eleuthero were ground in a mill and passed through a 35-mesh sieve. Approximately 2 g of dry powdered plant material was extracted with 10 mL of methanol (80%) by reflux for 45 min. The

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Gary W. Stutte, Ignacio Eraso, and Agnes M. Rimando

species are rich in physiologically active flavonoids that have a wide spectrum of pharmacological activity. The medicinally significant part of the plant is species dependent. Leaf extracts of Scutellaria barbata , also known as “Ban Zhi Lian

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Jessica D. Lubell and Mark H. Brand

Medicinal interest in hemp is attributable to its production of unique terpenophenolic substances, called cannabinoids, which are concentrated in the glandular trichomes of the plant ( Mechoulam, 1970 ; Potter, 2014 ). More than 100 cannabinoids

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Julie Bussières, Stéphanie Boudreau, Guillaume Clément–Mathieu, Blanche Dansereau, and Line Rochefort

, 1996 ). Because cut-over peatlands have never received fertilizers or pesticides, there is a potential for establishing organic production of fruits, vegetables, or medicinal plants ( Kukkonen et al., 1999 ; Vestberg et al., 1999 ). However, small