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Liang Zheng, Huaming He, and Weitang Song

., 2013 ; Jiao et al., 2007 ). Changes in light quality, intensity, and duration cause responses at anatomical, physiological, and biochemical levels and, thus, influence plant morphology and functioning ( Haliapas et al., 2008 ). The development of LED

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Joshua K. Craver, Joshua R. Gerovac, Roberto G. Lopez, and Dean A. Kopsell

possibility that wavelength selection may also play a significant role in secondary metabolite production ( Lefsrud et al., 2008 ). In a separate study, Li and Kubota (2009) evaluated the impact of light quality on the phytochemical content of baby leaf

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Zunfu Lv, Simeng Zhang, and Guoquan Lu

% humidity. However, recent research findings could change the conception of the ideal cultivation environment for sprouts. Hong et al. (2008) reported that light has an important influence on the quality of mung bean sprouts. Pérez-Balibrea et al. (2008

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Diego A. Mata and Javier F. Botto

new sustainable alternatives ( Berghage and Heins, 1991 ; Clifford et al., 2004 ; Li et al., 2000 ; Runkle and Heins, 2002 ). Plant height can be affected by the manipulation of light quality, and many successful experiences have been reported in

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Katherine F. Garland, Stephanie E. Burnett, Lois B. Stack, and Donglin Zhang

. Verkbert et al. (2004) recommend growing coleus at a minimum DLI of 9 mol·m −2 ·d −1 and no more than 18 mol·m −2 ·d −1 for high-quality plants. However, light tolerance varies among coleus cultivars; some cultivars are best grown in shade, while others

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Masahumi Johkan, Kazuhiro Shoji, Fumiyuki Goto, Shin-nosuke Hashida, and Toshihiro Yoshihara

Johnson, 1988 ). This results in decreased yield. Therefore, raising high-quality seedlings is important for increasing the yield of crops. Plant development and physiology are strongly influenced by the light spectrum, which affects the seedling

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Keun H. Cho, Veronica Y. Laux, Nathan Wallace-Springer, David G. Clark, Kevin M. Folta, and Thomas A. Colquhoun

apex basipetally transports down the plant stem and accumulates at the base of cuttings to initiate adventitious roots ( Christiaens et al., 2016 ). Perception of light quality by plants can induce changes in gene expression and hormonal regulation

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Joshua R. Gerovac, Joshua K. Craver, Jennifer K. Boldt, and Roberto G. Lopez

continue to improve. Another potential advantage of using LEDs is the ability to select light qualities and intensities that have beneficial effects on plant growth and photomorphogenesis ( Goto, 2012 ). The ability to impact growth of microgreens has been

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Ki-Ho Son, Jin-Hui Lee, Youngjae Oh, Daeil Kim, Myung-Min Oh, and Byung-Chun In

Closed-type plant production systems incur additional costs when using electrical light sources instead of sunlight, which requires an increase in crop yield and quality to obtain economic feasibility for crop cultivation ( Piovene et al., 2015

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Kui Lin, Zhi Huang, and Yong Xu

-related functions ( Lee et al., 2009 ; Nicolle et al., 2004 ; Park et al., 2008 ; Zao et al., 2004 ). In recent years, it has become one of the main vegetable species grown under soilless facility cultivation. Varying effects of light quality on the biomass