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Li Lu, Kirk W. Pomper, Jeremiah D. Lowe and Sheri B. Crabtree

( Pomper et al., 2003 )], and SSR ( Pomper et al., 2010 ). Overall, these studies determined that the genetic variation in both cultivated and wild pawpaws is similar to those of other long-lived, temperate woody perennials characterized by a widespread

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Chalita Sriladda, Heidi A. Kratsch, Steven R. Larson and Roger K. Kjelgren

were then used for genetic and correlation analysis. In addition to the collected field specimens, existing Intermountain Herbarium voucher specimens were also used to investigate morphological variation within and among species. Fig. 1. Geographical

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Nathan C. Phillips, Steven R. Larson and Daniel T. Drost

( Adair et al., 2006 ; Hellier, 2000 ). Growers depending on wild seed collection would benefit from understanding genetic variation in wild populations across the natural landscape. Knowing the extent of genetic diversity within and among populations

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Daniel J. Bell, Lisa J. Rowland, John Stommel and Frank A. Drummond

that self-fertility and outcross yield were correlated. Variation observed in self-fertility estimates were the primary determinants of the range in lethal equivalents (genetic load) observed among 21 clones used in this study ( Table 1 ). Sorensen

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Jaejoon Kim and David J. Wolyn

conditions. Effective breeding requires both genetic variation and heritability for attributes of interest. Therefore, the objectives of this study were to assess variation for biochemical and physiological parameters associated with freezing tolerance in

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Peter J. Zale, Daniel K. Struve, Pablo Jourdan and David M. Francis

were grown in a container nursery and examine genetic variation in the population to help guide decisions regarding plant selection and cultivar development. Materials and Methods A breeding population was derived from seed collected from 30

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Ryan J. Hayes and Yong-Biao Liu

variation within lettuce for shelf life are needed. The objectives of this research were to determine the genetic variation for shelf life of salad-cut lettuce in low-O 2 MA environments and to develop rapid evaluation methods suitable for a lettuce

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Jennifer L. Emerson, John Frampton and Steven E. McKeand

). Information about the genetic variation of Fraser fir in natural stands is necessary to conserve its genetic diversity in the face of this ecological threat and to make improvements for Christmas tree production. One previous provenance–progeny test series of

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Ruby Valdez-Ojeda, José Luis Hernández-Stefanoni, Margarita Aguilar-Espinosa, Renata Rivera-Madrid, Rodomiro Ortiz and Carlos F. Quiros

content and morphological traits; therefore, such research will facilitate rapid and accurate selection of parental genotypes for further genetic improvement. Morphological characterization was initially carried out in Venezuela, where variation in

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Yu Zong, Ping Sun, Xiaoyan Yue, Qingfeng Niu and Yuanwen Teng

demographic equilibrium ( Jump et al., 2009 ). Wild species generally contain more genetic variability than cultivated species ( Klepo et al., 2013 ). This naturally occurring variation in wild species is an underexploited resource for plant breeding as a