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Xiangli Ma, Min Tang, Yufen Bi, and Junbo Yang

( He et al., 2019 ), tissue culture, and rapid propagation (Huan et and Tanake, 2004; Teixeira da Silva et al., 2006 ), and cross-breeding ( Li et al., 2009 , 2010 ; Zhao et al., 2019 ). Reports of genetic diversity and genetic structure of wild C

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Fuad Gasi, Kenan Kanlić, Belma Kalamujić Stroil, Naris Pojskić, Åsmund Asdal, Morten Rasmussen, Clive Kaiser, and Mekjell Meland

Waits et al. (2001) was calculated using GenAlEx ver. 6.5 ( Peakall and Smouse, 2006 ). To examine the genetic structure and differentiation within the Norwegian apple germplasm, we used the Bayesian model-based cluster procedure within Structure

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Deborah Dean, Phillip A. Wadl, Denita Hadziabdic, William E. Klingeman, Bonnie H. Ownley, Timothy A. Rinehart, Adam J. Dattilo, Brian Scheffler, and Robert N. Trigiano

risk of genetic isolation ( Fahrig, 2003 ; Lienert, 2004 ). Spatial isolation may promote inbreeding and the reduction of gene flow among populations ( den Nijs and Oostermeijer, 1997 ). Moreover, genetic differentiation, gene flow, and levels of

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David M. Czarnecki II, Madhugiri Nageswara Rao, Jeffrey G. Norcini, Frederick G. Gmitter Jr, and Zhanao Deng

species' natural populations, despite its being a narrowly endemic species. Results from the four analyses (Nei's G st , AMOVA, Bayesian, and NJ) indicated a moderate level of genetic differentiation and the existence of genetic structure among

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Tiantian Zhao, Wenxu Ma, Qinghua Ma, Zhen Yang, Lisong Liang, Guixi Wang, and Lujun Wang

test showed that the genetic distance was significantly correlated with the geographic distance, and we observed that the gene flow among populations played a key role in genetic differentiation. Genetic structure and relationships between C

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Lav K. Yadav, Edward V. McAssey, and H. Dayton Wilde

markers can be generated and used to examine genetic diversity in nonmodel species ( Peterson et al., 2014 ). We used SNP genotypes to characterize the genetic structure and diversity of the R. canescens germplasm collection. Materials and Methods Plant

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David Jesús Gil-Ariza, Iraida Amaya, José Manuel López-Aranda, José Federico Sánchez-Sevilla, Miguel Ángel Botella, and Victoriano Valpuesta

the analysis of population structure in polyploids. Only very recently was information on genetic diversity in F. virginiana and F. chiloensis populations provided ( Carrasco et al., 2007 ; Hokanson et al., 2006 ). This is most likely the result

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Rohollah Karimi, Ahmad Ershadi, Kourosh Vahdati, and Keith Woeste

heterozygotes. Table 3. Relative measurements of genetic differentiation among populations of J. regia . z Genotypic structure and departure from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. F IT is the overall inbreeding coefficient of an individual relative to the whole set

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Basilio Carrasco, Marcelo Garcés, Pamela Rojas, Guillermo Saud, Raúl Herrera, Jorge B. Retamales, and Peter D.S. Caligari

” as a new and exotic alternative fresh fruit in the world market. Previous genetic analyses of F. chiloensis using molecular markers have been scarce and have had low statistical resolution; thus, they have not allowed the genetic structure of this

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Fuad Gasi, Silvio Simon, Naris Pojskic, Mirsad Kurtovic, Ivan Pejic, Mekjell Meland, and Clive Kaiser

common genetic structure of the genotypes sampled from these two regions. Fst value calculated for all 108 analyzed accessions (international and traditional B&H reference cultivars included) was significant (0.019; P < 0.0001) but much lower than that