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Salih Kafkas, Sezai Ercişli, Yıldız Doğan, Yaşar Ertürk, Ayhan Haznedar, and Remzi Sekban

produced an average of 38.6 bands with 54.1% polymorphism. Karthigeyan et al. (2008) used three AFLP primer combinations to study genetic diversity among 14 tea genotypes from western Himalaya. Our experiment represents six AFLP primer pairs in the

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Hussam S.M. Khierallah, Saleh M. Bader, Michael Baum, and Alladin Hamwieh

; Sedra et al., 1998 ). Amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) markers ( Vos et al., 1995 ) were also been used for genetic fingerprinting and mapping for this crop. Jubrael et al., (2005) and Khierallah et al. (2011) used AFLP fingerprinting to

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Min Deng, Jianjun Chen, Richard J. Henny, and Qiansheng Li

variegatum and also four cultivars of Acalypha wilkesiana used for studying their genetic relationships by amplified fragment length polymorphism markers. DNA extraction. Total DNA was extracted from newly expanding leaves of the 44 crotons

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Nathan C. Phillips, Steven R. Larson, and Daniel T. Drost

habitat of three intermountain Allium species native to Utah, we used the amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) technique in investigating patterns of genetic diversity within and among the study populations. The description of our study offers

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Qingguo Ma, Junpei Zhang, and Dong Pei

trait loci ( Drossou et al., 2004 ; Mullet et al., 2002 ; Pan et al., 2002 ; Vilanova et al., 2003 ). AFLP analysis has been used to detect DNA polymorphisms and the genetic relationships of walnut genotypes in recent years ( Bayazit et al., 2007

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Xiu Cai Fan, Hai Sheng Sun, Ying Zhang, Jian Fu Jiang, Min Li, and Chong Huai Liu

genetic polymorphisms of 126 individuals from five different geographical populations of wild Vitis ficifolia Bge. Zhang et al. (2012) analyzed the genetic diversity of 40 individuals of wild V. davidii collected from Huangshan region, Anhui province

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Yeun-Kyung Chang, Richard E. Veilleux, and Muhammad Javed Iqbal

fragment length polymorphism data using the Dice coefficient of genetic similarity estimates ( Nei and Li, 1979 ). The same analysis was carried out using the FreeTree program with the Dice index and UPGMA for the comparison. Figure 2 shows the

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Vanina Cravero, Eugenia Martín, and Enrique Cointry

Breed. 120 243 247 Lanteri, S. Saba, E. Cadinu, M. Mallica, G.M. Baghino, L. Portis, E. 2004 Amplified fragment length polymorphism for genetic diversity assessment in globe artichoke

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Jinggui Fang, Jianjun Chen, Richard J. Henny, and Chih-Cheng T. Chao

by amplified fragment length polymorphism markers for their genetic relatedness. Fluorescent amplified fragment length polymorphism analysis. Amplified fragment length polymorphism analysis was conducted using the GIBCO BRL AFLP System

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Yuan Yu, Chunxian Chen, Ming Huang, Qibin Yu, Dongliang Du, Matthew R. Mattia, and Frederick G. Gmitter Jr.

genetic contributions of the basic taxa in cultivated Citrus ( Garcia-Lor et al., 2012 ), but the low frequency of INDELs limits their usefulness. Although SNPs show lower polymorphism information content (PIC) relative to SSRs, high levels of