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Li Lu, Kirk W. Pomper, Jeremiah D. Lowe, and Sheri B. Crabtree

extension at 72 °C and a final extension period of 10 min at 68 °C. The PCR results were then stored at 4 °C until analysis. Products were separated with ABI 3130 Genetic Analyzer (Applied Biosystems) with GeneScan™ 500 LIZ™ as an internal size standard

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Haofeng Chen, Vanessa E.T.M. Ashworth, Shizhong Xu, and Michael T. Clegg

comparison against a molecular reference collection of SSR genotypes for 38 avocado cultivars (V.E. Ashworth, unpublished data; Ashworth and Clegg, 2003 ). Quantitative genetic analysis Transformation of tree height, canopy, and trunk diameter data

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Shuyin Liang, Xuan Wu, and David Byrne

stage much earlier ( Gitonga et al., 2014 ). With diploid roses, a heat shock treatment (1 h at 44 °C) decreased flower diameter (15.7%), petal number (23.3%), and flower dry weight (16.9%). A genetic analysis indicated that flower size is heritable

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Beibei Li, Xiucai Fan, Ying Zhang, Chonghuai Liu, and Jianfu Jiang

of the indigenous Chinese species and cultivars remains obscure, such as V. amurensis var. yanshanensis ( Zhang et al., 2018 ). Later, as a result of the importance of wild grapes in breeding, a number of reports focused on the analysis of genetic

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Yeun-Kyung Chang, Richard E. Veilleux, and Muhammad Javed Iqbal

-Coulter). DNA size standard 600 (Beckman-Coulter) was also added to each sample. The samples were electrophoresed and detected using a Beckman-Coulter CEQ 8800 Genetic Analysis System. The Frag-4 module of CEQ was used to size all the fragments using internal

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Xiaobo Zhang, Derong Su, Luyi Ma, and Yan Zhao

amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) marker analysis ( Williams et al., 1990 ), based on a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with arbitrary primers, is not influenced by the environment and is used effectively for analyzing genetic diversity in various grasses

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Laura P. Peña-Yam, Liliana S. Muñoz-Ramírez, Susana A. Avilés-Viñas, Adriana Canto-Flick, Jacobo Pérez-Pastrana, Adolfo Guzmán-Antonio, Nancy Santana-Buzzy, Erick A. Aguilera-Cauich, and Javier O. Mijangos-Cortés

. Variability, heritability, and genetic advance. The results of the variability analysis in terms of range, general average, variances (genetic, phenotypic, and environmental); coefficients of variation: genotypic (GCV), phenotypic (PCV), and environmental (ECV

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Min Wang, Wenrui Liu, Biao Jiang, Qingwu Peng, Xiaoming He, Zhaojun Liang, and Yu’e Lin

heat-sensitive pools in cucumber. The genome-wide SNP analysis allowed us to detect a genomic region that harbored the target gene involved in HS. Genetic analysis and fine-mapping of the HS gene were performed to provide a basis for molecular cloning

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Xingbo Wu and Lisa W. Alexander

with the dendrogram based on the neighbor-joining option implemented in MEGA 7 ( Kumar et al., 2016 ), with 500 bootstraps for nodal probability estimates. Genetic variation was calculated by an analysis of molecular variance (AMOVA) using Arlequin 3

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Xiao-min Liu, Xin-zhi Zhang, Yi-min Shi, and Dong-qin Tang

resources ( Franco et al., 2001 ; Zhang and Dai, 2010 ). The methods for analysis of genetic diversity in plants were well developed in the last decades, commonly based on the morphological characteristics, seed proteins, isozymes, and DNA markers ( Gepts