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Andrew L. Thomas, Patrick L. Byers and Mark R. Ellersieck

hypothesis and to ascertain the characteristics and productivity of elderberry in response to four pruning methods in terms of fruit yield, phenology, plant growth, and arthropod pest and disease incidence. Materials and Methods This elderberry pruning

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Jer-Chia Chang

discovered in 1983 on Dahu in Miaoli, central Taiwan ( Chang, 2006a ). It was incorporated into the mulberry germplasm because of its large fruit and abundant yield and was introduced into the fruiting mulberry breeding program in MDARES, the single research

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A. Maaike Wubs, Yuntao Ma, Lia Hemerik and Ep Heuvelink

Flower and fruit abortion is a yield-limiting factor in many crops ( Bacci et al., 2006 ; Goldschmidt, 1999 ; Halbrecq et al., 2005 ). Abortion can be caused by unfavorable conditions such as temperature stress ( Guilioni et al., 1997 ), low

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Bernadine C. Strik, John R. Clark, Chad E. Finn and Gil Buller

). Drake and Clark (2003) showed that double cropping did not reduce the yield of the primocane crop in Arkansas. Worldwide, primocane-fruiting blackberries are primarily being tested and grown for an annual, primocane crop. Primocane-fruiting blackberries

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Esmaeil Fallahi, Denise Neilsen, Gerry H. Neilsen, Bahar Fallahi and Bahman Shafii

), information on the tree growth, yield, and fruit quality in new apple cultivars under various regimes of drip or microjet sprinkler irrigation systems in the Pacific Northwest is lacking. Water Use Study At The University Of Idaho Experiment description and

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Esmaeil Fallahi, Brenda R. Simons, John K. Fellman and W.M. Colt

61 WORKSHOP 1 (Abstr. 1020-1035) Efficient Use of Minerals to Produce High Yield and Optimum Quality Fruit, Vegetables, and Ornamentals

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Rakesh Kumar and Todd C. Wehner

, Florida, Texas, and Georgia. Watermelon has been bred to improved fruit yield, fruit quality, disease resistance, seedlessness, short vine length, and adaptation to production areas around the world. The first genetic studies on watermelon were published

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Hanna Y. Hanna

, 2002 , 2008 ). Other production practices need to be re-examined to enhance yield and further reduce costs. The choice of an adequate-yielding tomato cultivar with desired fruit qualities and longer shelf life is a vital grower decision. Failure to

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Ricardo Fernández-Escobar, Miguel A. Sánchez-Zamora, Jorge M. García-Novelo and Concepción Molina-Soria

mineral composition and the rest of elements ≈1%. Table 2. Yield and fruit removal of mineral nutrients in Cabra’s experiment. z Pruning material was composed of leaves of different ages, smaller than 6-cm diameter branches, and bigger than 6-cm diameter

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Rangjian Qiu, Yuanshu Jing, Chunwei Liu, Zaiqiang Yang and Zhenchang Wang

when irrigated with saline water, with an adverse effect on fruit yield ( Ben-Gal et al., 2008 ; Munns, 2002 ). To alleviate the effects of salinity stress on plants, the application of extra water for the leaching of salts (e.g., Na + , Ca 2+ , and Mg