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D.I. Leskovar, J.C. Ward, and A. Meiri

109 ORAL SESSION 28 (Abstr. 572–579) Fruit Set & Seed Quality–Vegetables

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A. Maaike Wubs, Yuntao Ma, Lia Hemerik, and Ep Heuvelink

-growing fruits, this leads to alternating periods of high and low fruit set. These fluctuations in fruit set are believed to be the cause of cyclic fluctuations in fruit yield. Irregular fruit yield causes difficulties in the planning of activities throughout the

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Chunxian Chen, William R. Okie, and Thomas G. Beckman

brown and abscise, and can dramatically affect peach fruit set ( Rieger et al., 1991 ; Smith et al., 1994 ). A late spring frost can wipe out an entire peach crop. A mild spring frost may be helpful by thinning the fruitlets naturally, because many

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Khalil R. Jahed and Peter M. Hirst

Pollination is an essential process for fruit set, fruit growth, fruit quality, and seed set of most apple cultivars. The first step of successful apple pollination is the transfer of pollen to the stigmatic surface (typically vectored by bees

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Irfan Ali Sabir, Xunju Liu, Songtao Jiu, Matthew Whiting, and Caixi Zhang

is highly variable among cultivars, years, and production regions. Low fruit set rate or premature fruitlet abscission are both factors that contribute to lower production (i.e., fruit drop). Multiple factors contribute toward suboptimal fruit set

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Qin Yang, Er Liu, Yan Fu, Fuqiang Yuan, Tingting Zhang, and Shu Peng

changes occurred frequently during the 2014 to 2018 period and were associated with erratic fruit set in blueberry. Production practice in recent years has shown that temperature stress constitutes the biggest obstacle to flowering and fruit setting in

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Masaru Homma, Takafumi Watabe, Dong-Hyuk Ahn, and Tadahisa Higashide

is inevitable for greenhouse sweet pepper. This crop shows a clear pattern of fluctuation: periods of high fruit set alternate with periods of low fruit set; eventually, the numbers of harvestable fruit differ on a weekly and monthly basis

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Duane W. Greene, James R. Schupp, and H. Edwin Winzeler

,” persisting fruit were counted. Bloom density was expressed as the number of flower clusters per unit of limb cross-sectional area (LCSA) and final fruit set as either a percent fruit of the original number of blossom clusters or as the number per LCSA. In

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María Engracia Guerra, Ana Wünsch, Margarita López-Corrales, and Javier Rodrigo

; Okie, 2006 ). However, some japanese plum-type cultivars are particularly prone to erratic fruit set showing very low or even null fruit set for reasons that are not clear ( Hartmann and Neümuller, 2009 ; Okie and Weinberger, 1996 ). When no apparent

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Daisuke Sakamoto, Shinnosuke Kusaba, and Yuri Nakamura

useful for reducing both material and labor costs ( Sakamoto et al., 2009 ). However, fruit set using spray pollination varied among cultivars. The level of fruit set in ‘Akizuki’ and ‘Shuurei’ after spray pollination was almost the same as ‘Kosui’ [≈67