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George C.J. Fernandez

statistical resources ( Government of Alberta 2006 ; Schabenberger 2006 ; Sit,1995 ), and several published articles on advanced statistical methods related to designed experiments ( Chew, 1976 ; Jones, 1984 ; Petersen, 1977 ; Piepho et al., 2003

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H.P. Piepho, E.R. Williams, and M. Fleck

Many experiments involve a complex treatment structure, and it is not always immediately obvious how such experiments should be analysed. This paper shows by way of three examples how a suitable linear model can be formulated that provides a meaningful analysis of variance table and allows mean comparisons of interest to be obtained in a straightforward manner. Possible advantages of this approach compared to the use of linear contrasts are discussed. It is concluded that a well-chosen model can often considerably simplify the analysis and lead to useful statistical inferences. The approach advocated in this paper is going to be strongest when there is good design structure present.

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Matthew H. Kramer, Ellen T. Paparozzi, and Walter W. Stroup

primarily on research questions that require inferential statistics. Typically, using designed experiments when addressing a research question requires experiment planning, data collection, and subsequent statistical analysis, and the following

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Kelly Nascimento-Silva, Luis Roca-Castillo, María Benlloch-González, and Ricardo Fernández-Escobar

). Because nothing is known about the effects of Si in the olive, the aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of Si applications on the incidence of olive leaf spot. Material and Methods Experimental design and plant measurements. Two experiments were

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Frank Schaarschmidt and Lea Vaas

. Hothorn, T. Westfall, P.H. 2002 On multiple comparisons in R R News 2 14 17 Dean, A. Voss, D. 1999 Design and analysis of experiments Springer-Verlag New York, NY Dilba, G. Bretz, F. Guiard, V. 2006 Simultaneous confidence sets and confidence intervals for

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Jared Barnes, Paul Nelson, Brian E. Whipker, David A. Dickey, Dean Hesterberg, and Wei Shi

to maintain electroneutrality. One approach to evaluating multiple fertilizer–ion effects of N carrier ratio and P, K, Ca, Mg, and S concentrations is to conduct a large multifactorial experiment. Here we applied a more condensed statistical design

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Brian A. Kahn, Niels O. Maness, Donna R. Chrz, and Lynda K. Carrier

plants with a sickle bar (height of cut is detailed for individual experiments) and conveyed the cut material into plastic totes. Fresh weights were recorded immediately after harvest. Expt. 1. This study was designed to compare raw and pelleted seed at

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Barbara J. Daniels-Lake and Robert K. Prange

than in dormant tubers ( Daniels-Lake et al., 2005b , 2008 ), the trials were divided into two experiments to separately evaluate tubers in these physiologically distinct states. In each year, two consecutive 9-week trials were conducted, i.e., 10 Jan

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Howard F. Harrison Jr. and Mark W. Farnham

., 1993 ). All hybrid seed were purchased from commercial sources. A greenhouse experiment was designed to assess the effect of clomazone on early growth. The greenhouse was located at the U.S. Vegetable Laboratory, Charleston, SC. Temperatures ranged

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James E. Altland, James S. Owen Jr., and Magdalena Z. Gabriel

were six replications per treatment combination arranged in a completely randomized design. The experiment was conducted in a polyethylene-covered hoop house in Aurora, OR. The first 3 d following potting, cores were overhead irrigated (5H Series MPR