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Olya Rysin, Amanda McWhirt, Gina Fernandez, Frank J. Louws, and Michelle Schroeder-Moreno

developed strawberry enterprise production budgets to compare production costs and revenues for each system to assess their economic viability. Finally, we used a set of environmental indicators to compare the environmental and human health impacts of each

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Monica Ozores-Hampton

, animals, and humans. The definition implies the management of the soil to provide food, shelter, and water for future generations ( Ozores-Hampton et al., 2011 ). The most common indicators of soil health include physical, chemical, and biological

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Lucy K. Bradley, Bridget K. Behe, Natalie R. Bumgarner, Charlotte D. Glen, Joseph L. Donaldson, Ellen M. Bauske, Sheri Dorn, and Gail Langellotto

recharge, and moderating urban heat islands ( Cameron et al., 2012 ; Nowak et al., 2006 ; Pataki et al., 2011 ) are all ways that CH systems directly contribute to environmental sustainability. Systems and practices of CH also influence human health and

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Sheri Dorn, Lucy Bradley, Debbie Hamrick, Julie Weisenhorn, Pam Bennett, Jill Callabro, Bridget Behe, Ellen Bauske, and Natalie Bumgarner

. The goal of the Environmental Committee is to highlight the many ways in which CH restores, protects, and conserves natural resources through research and outreach. The goal of the Community and Health Committee is to underscore the impact CH has on

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Dewayne L. Ingram and Charles R. Hall

categorized as midpoint impact potentials with analyses that minimize the amount of forecasting and yield predictable environmental impact suitable for relative comparisons. Endpoint analysis requires estimating specific damage to human health or the

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Ghazal Tarar, Coleman L. Etheredge, Amy McFarland, Amy Snelgrove, Tina M. Waliczek, and Jayne M. Zajicek

and Folkman, 1984 ). Any change, positive or negative, can have a stressful impact on the human mind or body. Therefore, anything putting high demands on a person or forcing a person to adjust can be stressful ( Holmes and Masuda, 1974 ). Stress can be

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John Diaz, Susan Webb, Laura Warner, and Paul Monoghan

consistent framework for community garden program development and evaluation. We believe that a set of broadly applicable impact indicators for a program logic model would provide an outcome-driven framework to inform such efforts ( Israel, 2001 ). Impact

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Charles Benbrook

( Brandt et al., 2004 ). Moreover, the impact of nutrient forms on nutrient uptake can vary, sometimes significantly, by age, health status, gender, and human genetics. This is why the science exploring the impacts of diet and food quality on human

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Jemma L. Hawkins, Kathryn J. Thirlaway, Karianne Backx, and Deborah A. Clayton

Cohen, S. Wills, T.A. 1985 Stress, social support, and the buffering hypothesis Psychol. Bull. 98 310 357 Collins, C.C. O'Callaghan, A.M. 2008 The impact of horticultural responsibility on health indicators and quality of life in assisted living

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Raul I. Cabrera, James E. Altland, and Genhua Niu

, 2010 ). A priority interest has been and is placed on the potential effects of alternative water sources such as MRW and graywater on human health, but considerably little attention has been devoted to their environmental impacts and risks ( Mattson