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Guang-Lian Liao, Xiao-Biao Xu, Qing Liu, Min Zhong, Chun-Hui Huang, Dong-Feng Jia, and Xue-Yan Qu

County, Jiangxi is generally less than 16%, and this seriously affects fruit taste and flavor. Dry matter is an important index of fruit quality; it determines the fruit flavor and taste of Actinidia fruit when they are eating ripe ( Burdon et al., 2004

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Michele Krucker, Rita L. Hummel, and Craig Cogger

Shoot growth, quality, and number of flower buds Surface irrigation. At the high N rate, shoot dry weight, SGI, quality, and flower bud counts of overhead-irrigated plants grown in the experimental substrates were similar to control plants in all but

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S.M. Scheiber and Richard C. Beeson, Jr

aestivum ) ( Beeson, 2006 ; Leskovar and Piccinni, 2005 ; Welsh and Zajicek, 1993 ; Zhang et al., 2005 ). Significant reductions in application volumes were found with equivalent or greater growth and quality than nondeficit controls. The concept has not

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S.M. Scheiber, Richard C. Beeson Jr, and Sudeep Vyapari

tensiometer-controlled irrigation for differently amended soils, 2) evaluate growth responses and aesthetic quality of an annual bedding plant in relation to different soil amendment practices, and 3) determine feasibility of field clay as an amendment for

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Harmandeep Sharma, Manoj K. Shukla, Paul W. Bosland, and Robert L. Steiner

emulsion [5N(0.5 ammoniacal N, 3.5 water soluble N, and 1% urea N)–0.44P–0.83K] was applied to all plants. Table 1. Total amount of irrigation water applied (cm) and growing season (days) among three treatments, i.e., control, partial root-zone drying

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Josep Rufat, Agustí J. Romero-Aroca, Amadeu Arbonés, Josep M. Villar, Juan F. Hermoso, and Miquel Pascual

strategies exhibited a greater MI than control fruit. On the other hand, total crop load correlated inversely to fruit weight ( r = –0.631, P = 0.001), pit weight ( r = –0.717, P < 0.001), dry fruit weight ( r = –0.692, P < 0.001), and MI ( r = –0

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Nickolee Zollinger, Richard Koenig, Teresa Cerny-Koenig, and Roger Kjelgren

plants died. Visual quality and dry weight. Visual quality of each plant was assessed weekly and ranked on a scale of 1 to 5 based on the amount of burn, discoloration, and wilt plants exhibited. Gradations in the rating scale were as follows: For

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Samuel Contreras, Mark A. Bennett, and David Tay

and seed quality from lettuce plants grown under three daily watering treatments: wet (300 to 450 mL per plant), dry (200 mL per plant), and very dry (100 mL per plant) (Expt. 1). Fig. 2. Germination percentage (%) and germination index

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Guihong Bi and Carolyn F. Scagel

10,000 mg·L −1 ), we observed no visible injury to plants (data not shown), and plant quality during forcing (e.g., flower dry weight and plant height) was not adversely influenced by sprays with Def 6 during the previous fall (control versus Def 6

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M. Kate Lee and Marc W. van Iersel

Salinity tolerance of greenhouse plants is of increasing importance as a result of the decreasing availability of high-quality irrigation water. In coastal areas, the availability of high-quality irrigation water is threatened as a result of