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Marlene Ayala and Gregory Lang

( Ayala and Lang, 2015 ; Basile et al., 2002 ). Farrar (1996) and Minchin et al. (1997) suggested that the distribution of assimilates is controlled by the entire source–sink pathway in the plant system and is not a property of sinks alone. By

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Kanin J. Routson, Gayle M. Volk, Christopher M. Richards, Steven E. Smith, Gary Paul Nabhan and Victoria Wyllie de Echeverria

blight ( Erwinia amylovora Burrill) resistance in apple breeding programs that use transgenic early flowering methods to reduce the length of the generation cycles ( Flachowsky et al., 2011 ). We describe genetic diversity and distribution of M. fusca

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Ruining Li, Jiahuan Long, Yongzhe Yan, Jiaming Luo, Zhigang Xu and Xiaoying Liu

known to be regulated by the availability of carbohydrates—in particular, sucrose, the transported form of sugar, required for starch synthesis ( Abelenda et al., 2019 ). In addition, the distribution and transportation of sugar among leaves, stems, and

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Shixin Deng, Qun Yin, Shanshan Zhang, Kankan Shi, Zhongkui Jia and Luyi Ma

experiments, confirming and dividing potential distributions rather than studying the technology of cultivation and management ( Jiang et al., 2006 ; Ning et al., 2010 ). Thus, olives in suitable distributions are planted at a low density; consequently, they

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Timothy K. Broschat

symptoms are insufficient to diagnose chronic B deficiency, leaf nutrient analysis can be useful ( Mills and Jones, 1996 ). An understanding of natural B distribution patterns within palm canopies and leaves is necessary to determine which leaves should be

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Pedro Gonzalez, James P. Syvertsen and Ed Etxeberria

-Sanchez and Syvertsen, 2006 ; Zekri and Parsons, 1992 ), the fundamental nature of the exclusion, sequestration, and/or compartmentation at the tissue and cell levels remains unresolved. Our preliminary dye fluorescence studies on Na+ and Cl – distribution

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Thomas L. Prince, Harry K. Tayama and John R. Grabner Jr.

Retail florists' performance ratings of services provided by wholesale growers, wholesale florists, and grower-shippers/brokers were factor-analyzed to yield a hierarchical classification of customer service in floral distribution. Nine customer service factors were identified and three major independent classes of customer service were defined, including 1) physical distribution, 2) marketing, and 3) product quality services. Florists rated the performance of suppliers' physical distribution services higher than marketing and product quality services. Florists' perception of physical distribution and product quality services did not vary across type of supplier, but for marketing services, florists rated wholesale growers higher in performance than wholesale florists. The hierarchical classification of customer service and service performance profiles provide the floral industry with relevant market information for the successful development and effective implementation of customer service programs.

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Kareen Stanich, Margaret Cliff and Cheryl Hampson

Determination of fruit size and weight is important in horticulture to estimate yield and the proportion of fruit in each grade ( Zhang and Robson, 2002 ). Typically, the distribution of apple fruit weight fits a normal distribution ( Webb et al

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Richard P. Marini, James R. Schupp, Tara Auxt Baugher and Robert Crassweller

Accurate early-season estimates of yield and fruit size distribution would aid apple growers and packers to estimate harvest labor, the number of bins, and the amount of storage space needed for the upcoming harvest. Accurate estimates of fruit size

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Taryn L. Bauerle, William L. Bauerle, Marc Goebel and David M. Barnard

et al., 2009 ). For example, numerous studies have examined root distribution in response to irrigation in field-grown crops ( Andreu et al., 1997 ; Coelho and Or, 1999 ; Yu et al., 2007 ), concluding that it is common for root density to decrease