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Milton E. Tignor, Sandra B. Wilson, Lisa S. Hightower, Efren Fitz-Rodriguez, Gene A. Giacomelli, Chieri Kubota, Emily Rhoades, Tracy A. Irani, Margaret J. McMahon, Andrew N. Laing, David A. Heleba, and Sarah M. Greenleaf

Using a multidisciplinary approach, we are creating an instrument for utilization in a variety of greenhouse related courses. We now have over 3 hours of edited and titled video segments that were obtained at different locations by the same videographer. The greenhouse businesses in Arizona, Vermont, Ohio, and Florida were chosen due to their unique business strategies, level of computerization, type of greenhouse construction, management philosophies, and climate challenges. Individual video segments are based on nine topics that were covered at each location including computers, structure, plant life cycle, and labor. The videos have been placed on a streaming media server and will be burned to a DVD. An interactive Flash-based greenhouse environment simulator is nearly complete. This instrument allows students to model greenhouse environments based on climate data from each of the four video locations. Additionally, a searchable digital repository has been established that will allow other participants to submit materials for educational use. This open source software (DSpace) has an integrated distribution license which streamlines compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Several hundred high quality images have already been uploaded, described and tagged. Learning assessment tools based on numerical self-evaluation and verification narratives are also being developed in conjunction with the multimedia tools. We have created a database of all the greenhouse courses at 1862, 1890, and 1994 institutions and hope to build a community of teachers that will utilize and contribute to the multimedia greenhouse collection. This community has already grown to include two international greenhouse experts who contributed interactive software for educational use.

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Milton E. Tignor, Sandra B. Wilson, Gene A. Giacomelli, Chieri Kubota, Efren Fitz-Rodriguez, Tracy A. Irani, Emily B. Rhoades, and Margaret J. McMahon

on climate data from each of the four video locations; 3) implement a searchable digital repository containing hundreds of useful greenhouse images, videos, and lectures; and 4) develop a web-based method for instructors to evaluate perceived student

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four video locations; and 3) a searchable digital repository containing hundreds of greenhouse images, videos, and lectures. Petunia trials using class standards in performance evaluations A performance evaluation system was established based on flower

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Melanie Stock

-making. Indeed, outside of agriculture, Instagram is commonly known for attracting younger and more diverse groups ( Salomon, 2013 ; Ting et al., 2015 ). These trends indicate the importance of diversifying extension programming through digital applications

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Todd A. Burnes, Robert A. Blanchette, Jason A. Smith, and James J. Luby

Agriculture–Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS) National Clonal Germplasm Repository (Corvallis, OR). Two other clones, plants labeled as ‘Consort’ (referred to here as ‘Consort-MN’) were from a local wholesale nursery in Minnesota and an unnamed European

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Ann Callahan, Chris Dardick, Roberta Tosetti, Donna Lalli, and Ralph Scorza

originally described ‘Sans Noyau’, were available from a number of sources including the USDA National Clonal Germplasm Repository, Davis, CA, the University of California, Davis breeding program, the USDA-ARS program at Parlier, CA, and from a private owner

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L.J. Grauke, Bruce W. Wood, and Marvin K. Harris

., 1982 ). He made several controlled crosses between pecan and nutmeg hickory that are represented in repository collections, but they offer neither morphological nor molecular evidence of hybridity. Evidence of hybridity with other species in wild

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Rachel L. Hultengren, Lindsay Wyatt, and Michael Mazourek

Digital Repository at Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY. 31 Aug. 2016. < > Hutchings, J.B. 1993 Food colour and appearance . Blackie Academic & Professional, London, UK Itle, R.A. Kabelka, E.A. 2009 Correlation between L* a* b

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Eduardo Bernal and David M. Francis

lines are between 93% and 99%, similar to OH88119. The Ohio State University Crop Variety Release and Distribution Committee approved the release of this germplasm, and it will be deposited into a suitable germplasm repository. Origin and Development

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Melinda A. Miller-Butler, Barbara J. Smith, Kenneth J. Curry, and Eugene K. Blythe

analysis can be performed on images of diseased plant tissues using computer software. Electronic images can be stored indefinitely, allowing the researcher to process the images as time permits. Digital imaging and analytical software were used by Wang et