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Donglin Zhang

A Checklist of Ex Situ Cultivated Flora of China . Hongwen Huang. 2014. Science Press, Beijing. 663 pages. List price $32.00 (RMB¥ 198.00), Softcover. ISBN: 978-7-03-037342-7. Many publications have documented the rich flora of China and their

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Kim E. Hummer and Andrey Sabitov

Greater Kurile Ridge began to form during the late Oligocene and Miocene, and the volcanic activity that gave rise to this Ridge is still in progress ( McKenna, 1983 ). The northern Kuriles are recently formed and are developing their flora, receiving

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Mary Hockenberry Meyer

one needs to look online and refer to the two-volume Flora . Many new, cultivated, and escaped grasses are listed. For example, Pennisetum setacuem ‘Rubrum’, a popular ornamental grass, is now classified as

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Mari Loehrlein

. Hardcover. $115.00. ISBN: 978-1-84246-169-3. In Guide to the Flowers of Western China , the Western reader will recognize many cultivated plants from our gardens and is reminded of the hundreds of trees, shrubs, and herbaceous cultivated plants that have

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Eun Ju Cheong, Myong-Suk Cho, Seung-Chul Kim and Chan-Soo Kim

). To avoid confusion on the common names of numerous cultivars and their scientific names throughout this paper, we used the term “cultivated P. × yedoensis ” to refer collectively various cultivars of P. × yedoensis and their derivatives, whereas

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Melissa Bravo, Antonio DiTommaso and David Hayes

cultivated and uncultivated exotic plants was made before conducting the survey and assessment based on historical records, FLORA list, herbarium list, and CLRs. Species’ abundance within ROVA either in the cultivated or uncultivated landscape were defined

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Richard T. Olsen

and the florist azaleas ( Rhododendron simsii hybrids) cultivated throughout. Other genera first described from the European or American flora and cultivated in our early gardens were invigorated by the influx of their Asian congeners as well

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Yulia A. Kuzovkina

of North America Editorial Committee (ed.). Flora of North America North of Mexico, Vol. 7, p. 23–162. Oxford University Press, New York and Oxford Bailey, L.H. 1924 Manual of cultivated plants: A flora for the identification of the most common or

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Yulia A. Kuzovkina, Michael Dodge and Irina V. Belyaeva

University Press, New York and Oxford Armitage, A.M. Dirr, M.A. 1995 Influence of spacing on yield of Buddleia and Salix grown as cut flowers and stems J. Environ. Hort. 13 176 177 Bailey, L.H. 1924 Manual of cultivated plants: A flora for the

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Sandra M. Reed, Gary R. Bachman and W. Edgar Davis

). Commonly known as beautyberries, several species of Callicarpa are cultivated as garden plants. They are grown primarily for their ornamental fruits (drupes), which are typically violet to purple in color, ripen in early autumn, and persist for a short