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Arend-Jan Both, Bruce Bugbee, Chieri Kubota, Roberto G. Lopez, Cary Mitchell, Erik S. Runkle, and Claude Wallace

plant growth and development. Performance metrics exist for residential and commercial applications (human vision) that allow for a basic comparison among the large number of lamps and lighting systems that are available. For example, the U.S. Department

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David Rudell

Phenotypic comparison of plant populations within and among species is crucial for genetic research and plant breeding. Major hindrances of these comparisons include disparity among techniques used and types of data reported for each trait

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Guillermo Padilla, María Elena Cartea, and Amando Ordás

, 1997b) extended the comparison between cluster methods and statistical models. They concluded that the Normix model ( Wolfe, 1970 ) applied to groups formed by the Ward method was an appropriate strategy for grouping maize ( Zea mays L.) accessions

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Tao Wu and Jiashu Cao

). In a comparison of the total peroxidase activities and isozyme patterns between the bush and vine types of Cucurbita pepo L. and Cucurbita maxima Duchesne (squash), Cucumis melo L. (muskmelon), and Citrullus vulgaris Shrad. (watermelon), Loy

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Amy McFarland, Tina M. Waliczek, Jayne M. Zajicek, and R. Dan Lineberger

differences in fruit and vegetable consumption based on demographic categories in addition to comparisons made based on whether the participant self-identified as a gardener. Sample population. The target population in this study was adults aged 50 years or

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Cynthia B. McKenney, Ellen B. Peffley, and Igino Teolis

allowed for a direct comparison to be made while addressing systematic bias. To handle concerns of reliability, the data in both parts of the study were coded for analysis and a written guide was created to allow for and eliminate error. In addition, an

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Eugene K. Blythe and Donald J. Merhaut

; Haynes and Goh, 1978 ; Hernández-Apaolaza et al., 2005 ; Wiberg et al., 2005 ). When comparisons are made among these container substrates based on physical property variables, such comparisons are often made using a parametric, multiple comparison

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Halil Fidan

and increased competitive pressures ( Allen, 2000 ). However, although Turkey is an important citrus producer, there is no information about its competitiveness in comparison with EU-15 member countries. The main objective of this article is to

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Bryan J. Peterson, Olivia Sanchez, Stephanie E. Burnett, and Darren J. Hayes

cuttings in the other systems, and typically produced roots more uniformly around the stem and higher up the stem. In the comparison of systems operated with water alone, coleus cuttings in SM outperformed those in the other systems for all four measures of

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Gyeong Ran Do, Ju Hee Rhee, Wan Soon Kim, Yun Im Kang, In Myung Choi, Jeom Hwa Han, Hyun Hee Han, Su Hyun Ryu, and Han Chan Lee

(Liliaceae) Plant Species Biol. 1 1 69 78 Noher, D.H.I. Cismondi, I.A. Harte, C. 1990 Pollen ontogenesis in Oenothera : A comparison of genotypically normal anthers with the male-sterile mutant sterilis Sex. Plant Reprod. 3 1 41 53 Noher, D.H.I. Fama, G