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Chinampas, from the Nahuatl word chinamitl (hedge close to the reed), comprise a short stretch of land in the lakes in the southern Valley of Mexico City, where horticulture is practiced ( Real Academia Española, 2018 ). They are also commonly

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, ornamentals, and other horticultural plants, which constitutes the relevance of these outstanding systems for today’s horticulture. Similar historic achievements were made in Mesoamerica: The so-called chinampas (which can still be found south of Mexico City

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, G.A. 1987 Suppression of damping-off caused by Pythium spp. in soil from indigenous Mexican chinampa agricultural system Soil Biol. Biochem. 19 501 508 Major, J. Rondon, M. Molina, D. Rija, S.J. Lehmann, J. 2010 Maize yield and nutrition during 4

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