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Citrus viroid OS (CVd-OS), was reported ( Ito et al., 2001 ). These viroids have small genomes ranging from 284 to 375 nucleotides ( Duran-Vila et al., 1988 ). In citrus, viroids cause two economically important diseases, exocortis and cachexia

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, exocortis caused by CEVd and cachexia caused by HSVd ( Roistacher, 1991 ). Exocortis was first described in 1948 as a bark-shelling or scaling disorder in trees grown on trifoliate orange and some of its hybrids ( Benton et al., 1949 ; Fawcett and Klotz

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hop, as well as cachexia in citrus, and fruit marking symptoms on some stonefruit (Hayata et al., 2017; Marquez-Molins et al., 2021). HSVd is one of the most significant virus-like pathogens of hop production, first reported in Japan, and more

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