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Lynn Jo Pillitteri, Carol J. Lovatt, and Linda L. Walling

variety CRC3306A for use in these experiments. The sequencing of CsLFY and CsAP1 was supported by UC Riverside Genomics Institute Core grants to Drs. C. Lovatt and L. Walling. The authors acknowledge partial support from the Citrus Research Center and

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Marisa Y. Thompson, Jennifer J. Randall, Dawn VanLeeuwen, and Richard J. Heerema

in flowering. These include apetala1 ( AP1 ), constans ( CO ), flowering locus t ( FT ), leafy ( LFY ), and suppressor of overexpression of constans 1 ( SOC1 ) ( An et al., 2004 ; Fornara et al., 2010 ; He and Amasino, 2005 ). Further

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Lisa Tang and Carol J. Lovatt

. Fig. 4. Relative expression of apetala1 ( AP1 ) ( A ) and apetala2 ( AP2 ) ( B ) in buds of ‘Washington’ navel orange trees grown under (i) well-irrigated {WI [stem water potential (SWP) > −1.00 MPa]} conditions for 11 weeks (■); (ii) 8 weeks of

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Yushu Li, Zongda Xu, Weiru Yang, Tangren Cheng, Jia Wang, and Qixiang Zhang

, APETALA1 (AP1) from Arabidopsis thaliana was chosen as the outgroup. Accession numbers are as follows: Prunus armeniaca [PaSOC1 (AGD88524)], Prunus mume [PmSOC1-1 (AEQ20229), PmSOC1-2 (KP938964), PmSOC1-3 (KP938965)], Prunus salicina [PsSOC1 (AGD

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Jia-Long Yao, Yi-Hu Dong, Anders Kvarnheden, and Bret Morris

1 To whom reprint requests should be addressed. This research was supported by New Zealand Foundation For Research, Science, and Technology (contract no. C06411). The cost of publishing this paper was defrayed in part by the payment of page charges

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Eduardo J. Chica and L. Gene Albrigo

during the last 15 years (see Amasino, 2010 , for a review). In these proposed mechanisms, the genes Flowering locus T ( FT ), Apetala1 ( AP1 ), Leafy ( LFY) , and Supressor of overexpression of Constans 1 ( SOC1 ) play a pivotal role either

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Jiyu Zhang, Min Wang, Zhenghai Mo, Gang Wang, and Zhongren Guo

.G. Vosman, B. Smulders, M.J.M. 2002 Cloning and characterization of four apple MADS box genes isolated from vegetative tissue J. Expt. Bot. 53 1025 1036 Wagner, D. Sablowski, R.W. Meyerowitz, E.M. 1999 Transcriptional activation of APETALA1 by LEAFY

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Ting Min, Jun Xie, Yang Yi, Wenfu Hou, Youwei Ai, and Hongxun Wang

, and is involved in plant biological and abiotic stress responses ( Licausi et al., 2013 ; Min et al., 2012 ; Müller and Munné-Bosch, 2015 ; Phukan et al., 2017 ). It has been reported that CsAP2/ERF (APETALA2/ERF) may play important roles in the

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Denise V. Duclos and Thomas Björkman

between the two crops is the timing of this trigger. In arabidopsis, the floral primordium differentiates in response to upregulation of meristem-identity genes [ LFY , apetala 1 ( AP1 ), apetala 2 ( AP2 ), fruitfull ( FUL ), cauliflower ( CAL

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Yihua Chen, Peng Jiang, Shivegowda Thammannagowda, Haiying Liang, and H. Dayton Wilde

have been characterized, including peach orthologs of agamous , apetala1 , leafy, plena , seedstick , sepallata , and short vegetative phase ( An and Li, 2008 ; Arús et al., 2012 ; Martin et al., 2006 ; Tadiello et al., 2009 ; Tani et al