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Huan Xiong, Ping Chen, Zhoujun Zhu, Ya Chen, Feng Zou, and Deyi Yuan

in anther development between the male sterility line ‘X1’ and the male-fertile half-sib family plant ‘Z720’ ( Figs. 3 and 4 ), specifically with regard to the tapetum and vascular bundle of the anther. Pollen development in C. oleifera began at

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Rozlaily Zainol, Dennis P. Stimart, and Ray F. Evert

Anatomical analysis was performed using a double-flowered mutant of Nicotiana alata Link & Otto. Flower doubleness resulted from petaloid modification of the androecium. Vascularized petal-like outgrowths arose from the anther, connective, and filament of the stamen. The vasculature in petaloid outgrowths from the anther and upper part of the filament originated from and was continuous with the vascular bundle of the filament. In contrast, the vascular bundles formed in the outgrowths from the lower part of the filament developed independently of the vascular bundle of the filament and were not connected to it at any time. Emergences consisting of epidermal and ground parenchyma tissue and lacking vascularization arose from the filament.

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Wei Zhou, Xiaoming Wang, Jianhua Chen, Liangming Chen, Zhongquan Qiao, and Huijie Zeng

anamorphosis of the androecium, weak vascular bundle formation, abnormal anther wall development, and undehisced anthers. Similarly, during ovule development, any disruption results in immature and infertile ovules. The major features of aborted ovules include

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Ying Gao, Hao Liu, and Dong Pei

auxin ( Fig. 3A–C ), although the vascular bundles in the anthers maintained low levels. Therefore, we speculated the level of auxin may play an important role in regulating walnut staminate flower differentiation. Fig. 5. The statistical analysis of

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Ying Gao, Hao Liu, Ningguang Dong, and Dong Pei

) differentiation stages; SAM = shoot apical meristem; sq = squama; VB = vascular bundle; lp = leaf primordial; ( A–F ) bar = 100 μm, ( G ) bar = 200 μm. Indole-3-acetic acid immunohistochemical localization. Excised samples were immediately fixed in a 2% (w

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Bhaskar R. Bondada

cylindrical bundles of vascular tissues of many sizes) and areoles, which ended the veins and together they constructed a reticulate venation pattern in the intercostal (between veins) regions ( Fig. 1B–E ). These inconspicuous veins could be easily

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Dongmei Wei, Chao Gao, and Deyi Yuan

precipitates accumulate in the cells of the vascular bundles of anthers in a sterile Triticum aestivum line than in those of a fertile maintainer line. These results indicate that the abnormality of calcium distribution is related to anther abortion. However

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Chao Gao, Deyi Yuan, Ya Yang, Bifang Wang, Dongming Liu, and Feng Zou

style shows three vascular bundles (×100). ( G ) A partially enlarged view of the area within the red circle in F , the stylar canal, showing transmitting cells with regular morphology and a large nucleus (×100). ( H ) The styles began to attach from

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Masahumi Johkan, Tomoko Chiba, Kazuhiko Mitsukuri, Satoshi Yamasaki, Hideyuki Tanaka, Kei-ichiro Mishiba, Toshinobu Morikawa, Masayuki Oda, Chihiro Yamamoto, and Hiroshi Ohkawa

stained with aniline blue and viewed with fluorescence microscopy. pt = pollen tube, vb = vascular bundle, tt = transmitting tissue, bars = 100 μm. Arrival rate of pollen tubes in the S2 style region ( Fig. 1 ) did not differ between parthenocarpic

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Neil O. Anderson

barrier characterized by macroscopic differences in style and anther lengths within each flower ( Darwin, 1865 ; Koehne, 1903 ). All species are also self-incompatible and rarely self-pollinate ( Anderson and Ascher, 1993a ). Eleven loosestrife species