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plants. In addition, plants must grow well in containers to become a successful commercial crop. Three eastern U.S. native deciduous shrubs with ornamental potential for landscape use are american fly honeysuckle, hobblebush, and sweetbells. American fly

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native alternatives for the North American horticulture trade seems prudent. Mountain fly honeysuckle [ Lonicera villosa (Michx.) Schult.] is an attractive shrub that may have value as a small native alternative to cultivars of blue honeysuckle

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representatives differed sufficiently from their Eurasian congeners and from one another to elevate them to two distinct species, Lonicera villosa (mountain fly honeysuckle) in north-central and eastern North America, and Lonicera cauriana Fernald (blue fly

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trade #1 containers under 0%, 40%, or 70% shade for sweetbells, hobblebush, and american fly honeysuckle. Of the three species, sweetbells may be the easiest for growers to adopt, because it rooted at 88% success without the use of exogenous auxin and

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honeysuckle ( Lonicera villosa ) produced greater root dry weights and root system volumes in 100% perlite than in substrates with less perlite ( Hayes and Peterson, 2019 ). It is unclear why mountain fly honeysuckle and the three species we investigated in

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