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Jun Yuan, Liyuan Huang, Naifu Zhou, Hui Wang, and Genhua Niu

and Poschenrieder, 2002 ; Yu et al., 2016 ). The concurrence of high Al (Al toxicity) and low P (P deficiency) has been widely investigated for many plant species ( Liao et al., 2006 ; Maejima et al., 2014 ; Zheng, 2010 ). Aluminum toxicity is

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Christina M. Bavougian, Paul E. Read, Vicki L. Schlegel, and Kathryn J. Hanford

centrifuged for 15 min at 8000 g n and supernatants reserved. The process was repeated once for seeds and twice for skins, for a total of 4 and 9 mL of solvent, respectively. Bound phenols (those glycosylated to larger molecules or ligans) were extracted

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Diego Pozueta-Romero, Pedro Gonzalez, Ed Etxeberria, and Javier Pozueta-Romero

independent transport systems. Whereas the hyperbolic phase at low external sugar concentration is believed to represent a high-affinity, membrane-bound, carrier-mediated component, the linear nonsaturable phase at higher concentrations has been suggested to

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Benjamin Paskus, Patrick Abeli, and Randolph Beaudry

specially built airtight 180-L aluminum chambers were constructed for commodity storage. Fig. 1. Schematic design of the research-scale hypobaric system constructed according to Burg (2004) . Chambers were constructed from a 0.9-cm-thick aluminum

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Wan-Yi Yen, Yao-Chien Alex Chang, and Yin-Tung Wang

covered with aluminum foil with several small holes to prevent light from reaching the moss surface and yet allow for water evaporation. The cultural practices were similar to that of Expt. 1. Pots were fertilized or watered every 6 weeks as a result of

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Eric M. Lyons, Robert H. Snyder, and Jonathan P. Lynch

phosphate adsorbed to small particles of aluminum oxide (Al-P) and can be mixed into sand culture to maintain P levels at low concentrations (μmol levels) over an extended period of time ( Coltman et al., 1982 ; Elliott, 1989 ; Lynch et al., 1990 ). The

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Donald M. Vietor, Ronnie W. Schnell, Tony L. Provin, Richard H. White, and Clyde L. Munster

incorporated before application of CB to soil. Previous laboratory studies indicated aluminum sulfate (Alum) incorporated in biologically derived biosolids at an Al:P molar ratio near one minimized WEP concentration ( Huang and Shenker, 2004 ). Alum effects on

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M. Lenny Wells

productivity. Enzymes produced by soil microorganisms and plants mineralize organically bound nutrients and are often used as indicators of soil quality ( Doran and Parkin, 1994 ). Mycorrhizal relationships are often considered the most significant form of

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Carolyn DeMoranville

highly acid soils of these beds, generally of pH between 4.0 and 5.0 ( DeMoranville, 2008a ), any free phosphate is readily bound to iron and aluminum. In standard soil tests, this bound P is often detected as available and yet cranberry samples taken

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Lucas O’Meara, Matthew R. Chappell, and Marc W. van Iersel

·m −3 ; Cecil clay loam) and a bark-based substrate [0.215 m 3 ·m −3 ; 3 bark:1 sand:1 peat (v:v:v)] ( Milks et al., 1989b ). Drzal et al. (1999) suggested that water present in a soilless substrate at a water potential below –1.5 MPa is bound