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(Bartr.), and Viburnum acerifolium (L.). These native shrubs have the potential to become revenue-generating crops for the nursery industry if successful propagation protocols are developed. For example, Amelanchier laevis (alleghany serviceberry) is

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acerifolium , and Viburnum lantanoides, increasing hormone concentration improved rooting success of softwood stem cuttings ( Cartabiano and Lubell, 2013 ; Lubell and Griffith Gardner, 2017 ). C. peregrina can be propagated at nearly 100% rooting when

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. Plant Prop. Soc. 63 275 276 Lubell, J.D. Shrestha, P. 2016 Optimizing container production of American fly honeysuckle ( Lonicera canadensis ), beaked filbert ( Corylus cornuta ), and maple leaf viburnum ( Viburnum acerifolium ) Native Plants J. 17 39 45

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