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Blair J. Sampson, Stephen J. Stringer, and Donna A. Marshall

that might affect flower function and viability. One cultivar in particular, Vaccinium virgatum Aiton (syn. V. ashei Reade) ‘Premier’, often bears blooms that are to varying degrees deformed. These blooms could baffle some flower-visiting bees like

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Ebrahiem M. Babiker, Stephen J. Stringer, Barbara J. Smith, and Hamidou F. Sakhanokho

( V. virgatum Aiton. 2 n = 6 x = 72) and southern highbush (species complex between V. corymbosum L. 2 n = 4 x = 48 and V. darrowii Camp 2 n = 2 x = 24), are grown in the region. Leaf rust caused by the fungus Thekopsora minima P. Syd

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Patricio A. Brevis, Nahla V. Bassil, James R. Ballington, and James F. Hancock

[ Vaccinium corymbosum (2n = 4x = 48)], lowbush blueberry [ V. angustifolium (2n = 4x = 48)], and rabbiteye blueberry [ V. virgatum (2n = 6x = 72)], whereas the remaining noncultivated Cyanococcus species constitute the secondary gene pool ( Lyrene and

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Mary Helen Ferguson, Christopher A. Clark, and Barbara J. Smith

and Florida have confirmed X. fastidiosa as the cause of a leaf scorch disease of southern highbush blueberries ( Vaccinium corymbosum interspecific hybrids) ( Chang et al., 2009 ; Harmon and Hopkins, 2009 ). Inoculation of rabbiteye blueberry ( V

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Eric T. Stafne and Barbara J. Smith

Rabbiteye blueberry ( Vaccinium virgatum ) bushes can live for many years, but if they are not well maintained they can lose vigor and fruiting productivity ( Stafne et al., 2020 ). Renovation pruning is a way to re-invigorate bushes by severely

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Gad G. Yousef, Mary A. Lila, Ivette Guzman, James R. Ballington, and Allan F. Brown

blueberry (LBB), 2n = 4x = 48] is native to eastern and central Canada and the northeastern United States. It has a distinct appearance and low growth habit, generally no more than 40 cm tall. Vaccinium virgatum (previously V. ashei Reade) [rabbiteye

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Paul M. Lyrene

related Cyanococcus species), lowbush ( V. angustifolium ), rabbiteye ( V. virgatum ), and various undomesticated diploid, tetraploid, and hexaploid species native in eastern North America. The genus Vaccinium has wide distribution, with numerous

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James W. Olmstead and Chad E. Finn

ground loss may also be an option ( Takeda et al., 2008 ). Crown width and architecture of highbush blueberry have ample variation and Olmstead et al. (2013) describe additional efforts to use sparkleberry ( Vaccinium arboreum ) as a source of upright

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Kendra M. Blaker and James W. Olmstead

.M. Castro, M.A. 2006 Structure and nanostructure of the outer tangential epidermal cell wall in Vaccinium corymbosum L. (blueberry) fruits by blanching, freezing–thawing and ultrasound Food Sci. Technol. Intl. 12 241 251 Ghiani, A. Negrini, N. Morgutti, S

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James E. Altland and Charles Krause

formulations of elemental S incorporated into the substrate reduced pH by 1–2 units below non-amended controls over a duration of 84 d while having no adverse effect on blueberry ( Vaccinium × ‘Northcountry’) growth in a peat and pine bark substrate. The