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Except for Thermopsis barbata Benth. ex Royle, which produces reddish-purple flowers, all species in Thermopsis have yellow flowers ( Chen et al., 1994 ; Wu and Raven, 1994 ). Flower color in Baptisia ranges from white to yellow to blue

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environmental condition for seed germination and seedling formation of M. sprengeri , which was consistent with the findings in Thermopsis lanceolata and Sophora flavescens described by Wang et al. (2011 ). Guan (2019 ) also found a similar result, viz

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ochroleucus , Lupinus spp., Oxytropis spp., Thermopsis rhombifolia , and Vicia americana ) ( Vonhof and Harder, 1995 ) and in hazelnut assessed using IFC ( Ascari et al., 2020 ). Furthermore, it is logical that pollen concentration would not be solely

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