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A.A. Watad, K.G. Raghothama, M. Kochba, A. Nissim and V. Gaba

Explant growth and shoot multiplication of Spathiphyllum and Syngonium were compared on agar-solidified medium and interfacial membrane rafts floating on liquid medium. After 25 d of culture, greater shoot multiplication and fresh mass gain were achieved by plant material grown on rafts. Shoot multiplication of Spathiphyllum and Syngonium on membrane rafts reached a maximum at 25 d, whereas the fresh mass increased throughout the culture period (40 d). The number of shoots of Spathiphyllum and Syngonium material grown on membrane rafts remained constant between 25 and 40 d of culture. The plants grown on membrane rafts also developed more roots.

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Jin Cui, Juanxu Liu, Min Deng, Jianjun Chen and Richard J. Henny

barley genotypes Rev. Brazil. Biol. 60 315 319 Kane, M.K. 2000 Micropropagation of Syngonium by shoot culture 87 95 Trigiano R.N. Gray D.J. Plant tissue culture concepts and laboratory exercise

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Juanxu Liu, Min Deng, Richard J. Henny, Jianjun Chen and Jiahua Xie

of viruses, including citrus leprosies virus, orchid fleck virus, and coffee ringspot virus ( Miranda et al., 2007 ). Micropropagation has become an important method of generating disease-free propagules of ornamental foliage plants ( Chen and Henny

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Jin Cui, Juanxu Liu, Jianjun Chen and Richard J. Henny

2iP or TDZ with NAA ( Tables 2 and 3 ). 2iP is a naturally occurring cytokinin and has been widely used for inducing plant shoot organogenesis, particularly for monocots such as Syngonium ( Cui et al., 2008 ), Dieffenbachia ( Shen et al., 2007

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Phu-Long Pham, Ying-Xue Li, He-Rong Guo, Rui-Zhen Zeng, Li Xie, Zhi-Sheng Zhang, Jianjun Chen, Qing-Lian Su and Qing Xia

. Wei, X. 2018 Thidiazuron in micropropagation of aroid plants, p. 95–113. In: N. Ahmad and M. Faisal (eds.). Thidiazuron: From urea derivative to plant growth regulator. Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd., Singapore Chen, X. Tian, L. Shan, T. Sun, L

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Zhanao Deng, Fahrettin Goktepe, Brent K. Harbaugh and Jinguo Hu

( Dieffenbachia Schott) ( Chen et al., 2004c ), philodendron ( Philodendron Schott) ( Devanand et al., 2004 ), and syngonium ( Syngonium Schott) ( Chen et al., 2006 ). These studies have established the genetic similarity among cultivars and demonstrated the

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W.L. Chen and D.M. Yeh

Anthurium Lind. ( Kunisaki, 1980 ), Dieffenbachia Schott ( Brunner et al., 1995 ; Voyiatzi and Voyiatzis, 1989 ), Philodendron Schott ( Fisse and Pera, 1987 ), Spathiphyllum Schott and Syngonium Schott ( Kneifel and Leonhardt, 1992 ), and