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Otiorhynchus sulcatus (Fabricius) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) ( Patten and Daniels, 2010 ). This prolific species is part of a complex of polyphagous root weevils that attack crops worldwide; cranberry is one of more than 80 plant species that serve as host

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noted for high yields of late-season fruit with excellent quality suitable for both fresh and processing markets, good flavor, and tolerance to root weevil ( Otiorhynchus sp.). Its glossy red fruit is primarily suited for the fresh market ( Fig. 1A

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clones of beach strawberry [ Fragaria chiloensis (L.) Duchesne] to adult black vine weevils ( Otiorhynchus sulcatus F.) Sci. Hort. 34 47 54 Galletta, G.J. Draper, A.D. Maas, J.L. 1989 Combining disease

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girdler ( Chrysoteuchia topiaria ), grubs ( Phyllophaga spp. and oriental beetle— Anomala orientalis ), root weevils (black vine weevil— Otiorhynchus sulcatus ; and strawberry root weevil— O. ovatus ), scale insects (multiple species including cranberry

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