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Hamidou F. Sakhanokho, Kanniah Rajasekaran, Rowena Y. Kelley and Nurul Islam-Faridi

). One of the traits that limits the use of Hedychium species and cultivars as potted plants is their considerable height. However, H. muluense , whose diploid (2 n = 2 x = 34) status was determined in the current study, is a dwarf (≈2 feet or 0.60 m

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Hamidou F. Sakhanokho, Anthony L. Witcher, Cecil T. Pounders and James M. Spiers

here is Hedychium muluense R.M. Smith ‘Ramata’, a compact, dwarf (≈71 cm) cultivar with variegated leaves ( Fig. 1A ). Both dwarfism and variegation are highly desired but rare traits in Hedychium . This is the first report of both of these traits in

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Hamidou F. Sakhanokho, Kanniah Rajasekaran and Rowena Y. Kelley

embryogenesis from shoot apex-derived callus of Hedychium muluense R. M. Smith J. Crop Imp. 21 191 200 SAS Institute 2003 SAS 9.1.3 SAS Institute, Inc Cary, NC Tsao, C.W.V. Reed, B.M. 2002 Gelling

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Lisa Alexander

-Faridi, N. 2009 Induced polyploidy in diploid ornamental ginger ( Hedychium muluense R. M. Smith) using colchicine and oryzalin HortScience 44 1809 1814 Schindelin, J. Arganda-Carreras, I. Frise, E. Kaynig, V. Longair, M. Pietzsch, T. Preibisch, S. Rueden