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estimated 908,342 ha of which 67% is maintained as turf ( Lyman et al., 2007 ). Of the maintained areas, ≈85% is kentucky bluegrass ( Poa pratensis L.), bermudagrass ( Cynodon dactylon L. × C. transvaalensis Burtt-Davy), perennial ryegrass ( Lolium

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sandy loam (Sandy skeletal, mixed, mesic Typic Udorthents). This field was seeded in Sept. 2011 with 70% kentucky bluegrass and 30% fine fescues, containing equal proportions of creeping red, hard, and Chewings [ F. rubra L. ssp. fallax (Thuill

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fescue (CR; Festuca rubra ssp. rubra ); chewings fescue (CH; F. rubra ssp. fallax ); hard fescue (HF; Festuca brevipila ); sheep fescue (SF; Festuca ovina ); perennial ryegrass (PR); annual ryegrass (AR); rough bluegrass (RB); and alkaligrass (AK

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