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Gayle M. Volk and Christopher M. Richards

collection source, taxonomy, geographical source description, biological elements, and reference elements ( Taxonomic Data Working Group, 2011 ). These classification categories are described by the Darwin Core data standards to present a vocabulary for

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Gayle M. Volk

information about their collections. The set of Biodiversity Information Standards, as organized by the Taxonomic Data Working Group (TDWG) ( Darwin Core Task Group, 2009 ), includes fields for the taxonomic description (kingdom, phylum, class, order, family

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Anne Frary, Hasan Özgür Şığva, Ayfer Tan, Tuncer Taşkın, Abdullah İnal, Sevgi Mutlu, Mehmet Haytaoğlu, and Sami Doğanlar

is an Ananas type with yellow skin and less netting than Ananas. The AFLP data indicated the level of diversity present in the national collection and were used to select a core set of genotypes. This core set was then analyzed with SSR markers to

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Şurhan Göl, Sami Doğanlar, and Anne Frary

take advantage of these genetic resources. To address this problem, the genetic diversity and population structure of 101 Turkish faba bean accessions were analyzed using SSR markers. In addition, a core collection was selected based on genetic

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Kim E. Hummer and Jim F. Hancock

wanted to find a way to feed the Russian people ( Fowler and Mooney, 1990 ). From Charles Darwin’s ideas, he realized that plant species were not fixed; they evolve over time. Darwin’s book, Variation of Animals and Plants Under Domestication ( Darwin

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Gayle M. Volk, Adam D. Henk, Christopher M. Richards, Philip L. Forsline, and C. Thomas Chao

more diverse than the northern sites ( Richards et al., 2009b ). These data supported results published previously that used isozymes to determine within- and among-population differences in M. sieversii collections ( Lamboy et al., 1996 ). Core

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Njung’e Vincent Michael, Pamela Moon, Yuqing Fu, and Geoffrey Meru

Genotyping Core facility, Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research, University of Florida. GeneMarker software (SoftGenetics, State College, PA) was used for allele calling and size estimation. Genetic diversity analysis. Marker diversity

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Kanin J. Routson, Gayle M. Volk, Christopher M. Richards, Steven E. Smith, Gary Paul Nabhan, and Victoria Wyllie de Echeverria

GDA ( Lewis and Zaykin, 2002 ), FSTAT ( Goudet, 1995 ), and Genodive ( Meirmans and Van Tienderen, 2004 ) programs. Neighbor joining was computed in DARwin [Version 5.0.158 ( Perrier and Jacquemoud-Collet, 2006 )] from dissimilarity among genotypes

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Marko Maras, Barbara Pipan, Jelka Šuštar-Vozlič, Vida Todorović, Gordana Đurić, Mirjana Vasić, Suzana Kratovalieva, Afrodita Ibusoska, Rukie Agić, Zdravko Matotan, Tihomir Čupić, and Vladimir Meglič

of the distribution of rare alleles in a subdivided population Heredity 56 409 416 Blair, M.W. Díaz, L.M. Buendia, H.F. Duque, M.C. 2009 Genetic diversity, seed size associations and population structure of a core collection of common beans

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Jacob Mashilo, Hussein Shimelis, Alfred Odindo, and Beyene Amelework

dissimilarity matrix using the Jaccard index. The matrix was used to run a cluster analysis based on neighbor-joining employing the software DARwin 5.0 ( Perrier and Jacquemoud-Collet, 2006 ). A dendrogram was generated on the dissimilarity matrix. Bootstrap