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Yong Ha Rhie and Jongyun Kim

calculated from sandbox data using the difference of volumetric water content between 1 and 5 kPa suctions, and 5 and 10 kPa suctions, respectively. Capacitance sensor VWC calibration for various mix ratios. For our sensor-specific calibrations with various

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Shuyang Zhen and Stephanie E. Burnett

fertilizer applications because of reduced fertilizer waste, and have increased profitability. Fig. 1. Daily average substrate volumetric water content (θ = volume of water ÷ volume of substrate) throughout the experimental period for ‘Munstead’ ( A ) and

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Stephanie E. Burnett and Marc W. van Iersel

or too large to install in the small containers typically used in greenhouse container crop production. However, new, small capacitance sensors (EC-5; ≅5 cm × 2 cm; Decagon Devices, Pullman, WA) accurately estimate substrate volumetric water content

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Ruying Wang, James W. Hempfling, Bruce B. Clarke, and James A. Murphy

-fine (MF) sands in North Brunswick, NJ, during 2011, 2012, and 2013. ns , *, **, *** Nonsignificant or significant at P ≤ 0.05, 0.01, or 0.001, respectively. Volumetric water content. In the first year, the VWC of non-topdressed plots were similar to

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Philip J. Brown, Lambert B. McCarty, Virgil L. Quisenberry, L. Ray Hubbard Jr., and M. Brad Addy

on SWCs, the air entry point was assigned at 12.5 cm. Volumetric water content decreased rapidly (0.39 to 0.05 cm 3 ·cm –3 ) as the matric potential increased from 12.5 to 30 cm, which is common in sands with a narrow range in pore diameters ( McCarty

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Adam F. Newby, James E. Altland, Daniel K. Struve, Claudio C. Pasian, Peter P. Ling, Pablo S. Jourdan, J. Raymond Kessler, and Mark Carpenter

HortScience 39 1298 1301 Wright, R.D. 1986 The pour-through nutrient extraction procedure HortScience 21 227 229 Zhen, S. Burnett, S.E. 2015 Effects of substrate volumetric water content on English lavender morphology and photosynthesis HortScience 50 909 915

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Amanda Bayer, John Ruter, and Marc W. van Iersel

., 2013a ) but do not control irrigation based on actual crop water requirements. Approaches to irrigation control based on substrate volumetric water content and/or daily water use (DWU) apply only the water needed by the crop to replace what is lost

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Amanda Bayer, Imran Mahbub, Matthew Chappell, John Ruter, and Marc W. van Iersel

experiment was designed as a randomized complete block with eight treatments (substrate volumetric water content set points) and two replications for a total of 16 plots with 25 plants each. Data were analyzed separately for the two locations using linear and

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Alex B. Daniels, David M. Barnard, Phillip L. Chapman, and William L. Bauerle

the biweekly and monthly models indicate no increase in variability with higher predicted values. Fig. 3. Analysis of variance model estimates for volumetric water content (m 3 ·m −3 ) of each species at each 2-week time period over the course of the

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Chase M. Straw, Rebecca A. Grubbs, Kevin A. Tucker, and Gerald M. Henry

square error (RMSE) was recorded as an indicator of how well the predicted values fit the actual measurements. Results and Discussion Volumetric water content. The median and distribution of VWC data changed minimally for both handheld and mobile devices