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Sandra M. Reed, Gary R. Bachman and W. Edgar Davis

-type C. dichotoma has purple fruit, a white-fruited cultivar ( C. dichotoma ‘Albifructus’) is available in the trade. Reported here is a sport of C. dichotoma ‘Albifructus’ with variegated foliage, a new trait that adds summer interest to this

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Hamidou F. Sakhanokho, Anthony L. Witcher, Cecil T. Pounders and James M. Spiers

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Jongyun Kim, Seung Won Kang, Chun Ho Pak and Mi Seon Kim

on variegation is not consistent among species (either with increase, decrease, or no changes in variegation), thus the information of appropriate light levels is critical for producing and maintaining variegated foliage plants with their best

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R.D. Berghage and D.J. Wolnick

Potential consumers were surveyed in the spring of 1996 to gain insight into preferences for flower and leaf color in New Guinea impatiens (Impatiens hawkeri Bull.). Survey participants indicated a preference for bright solid colors, and bicolor flowers. The most preferred solid flower colors were red-violet, and red. The least preferred solid flower colors were pink and blush. Potential consumers ranked bicolor flowers over their solid color counterparts. Red and variegated foliage were preferred to solid green. Foliage with solid red upper or lower surfaces were preferred 2:1 over variegated foliage.

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R.B. Hardin, D J. Eakes, C.H. Gilliam and G.J. Keever

In a full-sun Auburn, Ala., field study, 23 cultivars and 1 forma of Cornus florida L. were evaluated for growth from 1994 to 1996 and bract characteristics in Spring 1996. The selections were divided into three groups for analyses: 1) white bracted with green foliage, 2) red or pink bracted with green foliage, and 3) variegated foliage. Among the white bracted cultivars with green foliage, `Weaver' and `Welch Bay Beauty' had the greatest height and stem diameter increases, `Autumn Gold' the least. `Cloud 9' had the largest bract size. `Welch's Junior Miss' had the greatest height increase, while `Stokes' Pink' had the greatest stem diameter increase for the red or pink bracted cultivars with green foliage, and f. rubra the least. `Red Beauty' had the largest bract size. There were no differences among the variegated cultivars in height increase or bract size; however, `First Lady' had the greatest stem diameter increase.

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Yulia A. Kuzovkina, Michael Dodge and Irina V. Belyaeva

Salix gracilistyla Miq., japanese pussy willow or rosegold willow, is an ornamental shrub commonly cultivated for its prominent display of catkins in early spring. Verification of stocks of willows in the North American landscape nursery trade revealed that another name—Salix chaenomeloides Kimura—is associated frequently with plants similar to S. gracilistyla. Morphological analyses conducted during this study have shown that the S. chaenomeloides binomial is misapplied often to S. gracilistyla, its cultivars and hybrids. A comparison of the diagnostic characters of S. gracilistyla and S. chaenomeloides is presented to explain the differences between these taxa and to promote the adoption of the correct names. Five cultivars of S. gracilistyla valued for their early spring catkin displays, variegated foliage, and pendulous habits, and two cultivars of a hybrid origin are summarized. Also, two new ornamental cultivars called Salix ‘Winter Glory’ and Salix ‘Rabbit’s Foot’ are described.

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William A. Smith and Mark H. Brand

showing habit and variegated foliage. ( B ) ‘Summer Skies’ in mid-August showing habit, variegated foliage, and full flowering effect. Fig. 2. ( A ) Foliage of ‘Summer Skies’ in early summer showing its distinct periclinal chimera variegation. ( B

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Tingting Tong, Lili Shao, Zhonghua Peng and Youping Sun

’ (syn. O. fragrans ‘Variegatus’) is described and being released for germplasm purposes. It is a selection from O. fragrans seedlings with variegated foliage. It was discovered by Mr. Jianxiong Yi, the owner of Yuntian Nursery (Zhuzhou, Hunan, China

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R.J. Henny, J. Chen, T.A. Mellich and M.S. Brennan

Agricultural Experiment Station at the Mid-Florida Research and Education Center (MREC)—Apopka. ‘Silver Bay’ is a very popular cultivar because of its beautiful variegated foliage, good growth habit, and excellent performance in interior conditions

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David C. Zlesak and Brent J. Hanson

other volunteer seedlings. For that reason, 1998-1 was retained and grown to maturity. It proved to be slightly more compact than other green-leaved cultivars grown at the nursery (‘Loraine Sunshine’ has variegated foliage). ‘Tuscan Sun’ germinated the