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Álvaro Fernández-Cuesta, Ossama Kodad, Rafel Socias i Company and Leonardo Velasco

, there is little information on the variability in phytosterol content in almond germplasm, because the literature only provides results from analyses of commercial almond samples. For example, the analysis of a single sample of almond kernels from a

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Susana Boso Alonso, Virginia Alonso-Villaverde Pilar Gago, José L. Santiago, Mariá C. Martínez and Emilio Rodriguez

result of their smaller values and the smaller variability within and between clones. The figures recorded may be the result of the influence of climatic conditions on the cluster (cluster size and fertility index) and must (probable alcohol content, and

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Robert R. Shortell, Stephen E. Hart and Stacy A. Bonos

determine the amount of intraspecific variability of Kentucky bluegrass cultivars and experimental selections to sequential applications of bispyribac-sodium herbicide. Materials and Methods This experiment was conducted in 2004 and 2005 at the Rutgers

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Chase M. Straw, Rebecca A. Grubbs, Kevin A. Tucker and Gerald M. Henry

spatial analysis and the creation of surface maps to detect variability of a given property across a field. Spatial analysis has been used extensively in agronomics to implement precision agriculture ( Emery and González, 2007 ; James and Godwin, 2003

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Amanda J. Hershberger, Tracie M. Jenkins and Carol Robacker

indigenous to the southeastern United States: S. marilandica and the federally endangered Spigelia gentianoides ( Gould, 1997 ). To aid recovery of S. gentianoides , research on the genetic variability of the natural populations of this species has been

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David C. Zlesak and Neil O. Anderson

by typically purchasing bulbs from multiple growers annually to ensure a salable crop during the narrow U.S. Easter lily marketing window, which is the 2 weeks before Easter ( Zlesak and Anderson, 2003 ). Variability in forced plants [e.g., days to

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Filip Jovanović, Dragica Obratov-Petković, Ivana Bjedov, Ivana Živanović, Sonja Braunović, Tatjana Ćirković-Mitrović and Gordana Tomović

lack of clearly definable morphological characters and the presence of great variability ( Davis and Barnett, 1997 ). Delimitation of species has been mainly based on leaf characteristics (color, width, and vernation), flowering time, the number of

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Wanploy Jinagool, Lia Lamacque, Marine Delmas, Sylvain Delzon, Hervé Cochard and Stéphane Herbette

populations ( Lamy et al., 2011 , 2014 ). The genetic variability for vulnerability to cavitation needs also to be tested on cultivated fruit trees. Such fruit trees have been subjected to different selection pressures from natural populations, and they are

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Craig A. Ledbetter and Mark S. Sisterson

basis of kernel shape and appearance, and no standards to distinguish ‘Nonpareil’ kernels from those of other cultivars currently exist. Interannual variability of phenological and carpological traits has been studied previously in a breeding population

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James A. Taylor, John-Paul Praat and A. Frank Bollen

Harvester-mounted yield sensors have prompted many investigations into the amount of spatial variability present in grain, cotton, viticulture, and some mechanically harvested horticultural crops (usually vegetable crops). Investigations into the