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Maureen M.M. Fitch, Terryl C.W. Leong, Xiaoling He, Heather R.K. McCafferty, Yun J. Zhu, Paul H. Moore, Dennis Gonsalves, Herb S. Aldwinckle and Howard J. Atkinson

anthuriums for multiple traits including pest tolerance ( Kamemoto and Kuehnle, 1996 ; T. Amore, unpublished results), genetic transformation of important but highly susceptible cultivars could provide a faster solution for growers. Previously, transformation

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Wenhao Dai, Yuanjie Su, Hongxia Wang and Ceilo Castillo

and Arce-Johnson, 2005 ). However, transformation of Buddleia species has not been documented to date. The objective of this study was to develop a gene transformation protocol for further improvement of Buddleia species. Materials and Methods

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Chunxian Chen, Qifa Zheng, Xu Xiang, Jaya R. Soneji, Shu Huang, Young A Choi, Madhugiri Nageswara Rao and Fred G. Gmitter Jr.

Different serials of binary vectors such as pCAMBIA, pGA, pBIN, pGreen with regular insert capability, and BiBACs, pYLTACs with large insert capability have been reported for Agrobacterium -mediated transformation (AMT) of various plant species

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Zhanyuan Zhang, Dermot P. Coyne and Amitava Mitra

1 Dept. of Horticulture; to whom reprint requests should be addressed. Present address: E325, Plant Transformation Facility, George W. Beadle Center, Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE 68588-0665. ( ). 2 Dept. of

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Kelly A. Zarka, Ria Greyling, Inge Gazendam, Dean Olefse, Kimberly Felcher, Gurling Bothma, Johan Brink, Hector Quemada and David S. Douches

tumefaciens -mediated transformation ( De Buck et al., 2000 ; Oltmanns et al., 2009 ). Therefore, it is necessary to determine if a GM plant carries backbone sequences and to select those that do not. Once a transgenic event has been selected, one must

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Cong Li, Lie-Bao Han and Xunzhong Zhang

of the ERF subfamily. The tobacco plant is an important cash crop in China and other regions and has also been widely used for genetic transformation. The objectives of this study were to introduce OjERF into tobacco plants and investigate drought

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Julie A. Russell, Mihir K. Roy and John C. Sanford

179 ORAL SESSION (Abstr. 731-735) Cell and Tissue Culture: Transformation

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Wenhao Dai, Victoria Magnusson and Chris Johnson

species ( Poupin and Arce-Johnson, 2005 ). In the genus Prunus , transformation of several species have been documented, including peach ( Hammerschlag and Smigocki, 1998 ; Pérez-Clemente et al., 2004 ; Scorza et al., 1995a ), plum ( Scorza et al., 1995

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Kathryn Kamo and Bong Hee Han

the transformation of lilies. Agrobacterium -mediated transformation of Lilium longiflorum and Oriental lilies has been demonstrated ( Hoshi et al., 2004 ; Mercuri et al., 2003 ; Ogaki et al., 2008 ). Biolistic-mediated transformation has been

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Joseph C. Kuhl, Kelly Zarka, Joseph Coombs, William W. Kirk and David S. Douches

). Although classical methodologies have been used to overcome such barriers ( Hermsen and Ramanna, 1973 ), the desire to incorporate more than one source of resistance presents increased challenges for the potato breeder. Plant transformation offers an