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Bin Cai, Cheng-Hui Li, Ai-Sheng Xiong, Ri-He Peng, Jun Zhou, Feng Gao, Zhen Zhang and Quan-Hong Yao

Transcription factors (TF) are identified by their affinity for specific motifs in promoters, upstream regulatory elements, or enhancer regions of target genes ( Riechmann et al., 2000 ). These factors bind specifically to their DNA-binding sites

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Hongmei Ma, Margaret Pooler and Robert Griesbach

., 2005 ; Winkel-Shirley, 2001 ). Analysis of Zea mays anthocyanin mutants revealed two families of regulatory factors, one encoding an MYC-like transcription factor with a basic helix–loop–helix motif (R family) and the other encoding an R2R3 MYB

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John R. Stommel, Gordon J. Lightbourn, Brenda S. Winkel and Robert J. Griesbach

. annuum is reportedly influenced by an incompletely dominant gene A and a second modifying gene MoA ( Deshpande, 1933 ; Peterson, 1959 ). The A locus encodes a Myb transcription factor ( Myb A ) that is absent in genotypes that do not

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Veronica L. Justen and Vincent A. Fritz

GSL production such as AtDof1.1 (DNA-binding-with-one finger; Skirycz et al., 2006 ) and subgroup 12 R2-R3 MYB transcription factors ( Gigolashvili et al., 2009 ), or both positively and negatively regulate GSL production such as the nuclear

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Tingting Zhao, Jingkang Hu, Yingmei Gao, Ziyu Wang, Yufang Bao, Xiaochun Zhang, Huanhuan Yang, Dongye Zhang, Jingbin Jiang, He Zhang, Jingfu Li, Qingshan Chen and Xiangyang Xu

studies of stress tolerance in plants, it is found that the transcription factor activates or inhibits the expression of related genes through interactions with other related proteins or itself and then plays an important role in regulating the

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Yingmei Gao, Jingkang Hu, Tingting Zhao, Xiangyang Xu, Jingbin Jiang and Jingfu Li

Transcription factors are proteins that bind to a specific nucleotide sequence and play a central role in gene regulation by activating or repressing the transcription of target genes. TFs can also activate a wide array of defense mechanisms in

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Wanmei Jin, Jing Dong, Yuanlei Hu, Zhongping Lin, Xuefeng Xu and Zhenhai Han

-responsive element/C-repeat) cis -element in their promoters ( Stockinger et al., 1997 ). A family of transcription factors, DREB1s binds to this element and activates transcription of the downstream cold genes ( Chinnusamy et al., 2003 ). DREB1b is a cold

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Ruigang Wu, Yi Wang, Ting Wu, Xuefeng Xu and Zhenhai Han

wheat plants stably expressing the HVA1 gene for drought tolerance Physiol. Plant. 123 421 427 Cao, Z.H. Zhang, S.Z. Wang, R.K. Zhang, R.F. Hao, Y.J. 2013 Genome wide analysis of the apple MYB transcription factor family allows the identification of

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Jingkang Hu, Yingmei Gao, Tingting Zhao, Jingfu Li, Meini Yao and Xiangyang Xu

The tomato genome sequence provides insights into fleshy fruit evolution Nature 485 635 641 Czemmel, S. Heppel, S.C. Bogs, J. 2012 R2R3 MYB transcription factors: Key regulators of the flavonoid biosynthetic pathway in grapevine Protoplasma 249 109 118

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Xin Hao, Yu Fu, Wei Zhao, Lifei Liu, Rengui Bade, Agula Hasi and Jinfeng Hao

The MADS-box gene family, which encodes a type of transcription factor, is a regulatory gene family found widely in eukaryotic genomes. Researchers successively found MADS-box genes in fungi ( Passmore et al., 1988 ), animals ( Norman et al., 1988