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Yayan Feng, Leifeng Xu, Panpan Yang, Hua Xu, Yuwei Cao, Yuchao Tang, Suxia Yuan, and Jun Ming

tetraploid plants exhibit fully restored fertility for breeding, although the edibility and genetic characteristics of the plants related to health care use have not been noted as differences among the selected materials. The first application of colchicine

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Lauren E. Kurtz, Mark H. Brand, and Jessica D. Lubell-Brand

crops with enhanced traits such as size, vigor, and metabolite content ( Alexander, 2017 ; Lehrer et al., 2008 ; Sattler et al., 2016 ; Wang et al., 2016 ; Xu et al., 2014 ). Tetraploids are polyploids that contain four sets of chromosomes. Compared

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Renwei Huang, Daofeng Liu, Min Zhao, Zhineng Li, Mingyang Li, and Shunzhao Sui

. To improve ornamental characteristics, it is important to do researches on breeding of L. maritima (L.) Desv. In this study, we aimed to develop an efficient method to induce tetraploid plants by treating germinating seeds and the apical growing

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Ying Wang, Cale A. Bigelow, and Yiwei Jiang

, Europe, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand ( Thorogood, 2003 ). In the United States, turf-type perennial ryegrasses are commonly used for golf courses, sports fields, lawns, and landscapes. Perennial ryegrass is naturally diploid; however, tetraploids

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Kathleen G. Haynes, Beverly A. Clevidence, David Rao, and Bryan T. Vinyard

interactions is currently unknown in potatoes. Commercial potatoes are tetraploid, whereas the high-carotenoid clones identified to date have been diploid ( Brown et al., 1993 ; Lu et al., 2001 ). Ploidy levels can be manipulated through the use of 2n gametes

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Mohammed I. Fetouh, Abdul Kareem, Gary W. Knox, Sandra B. Wilson, and Zhanao Deng

simplex Wright ( Freyre et al., 2012 ). The key step in ploidy manipulation is chromosome doubling and induction of stable tetraploids, which are the gateway to obtain other ploidy levels (triploids, pentaploids, hexaploids, octoploids, etc.) through

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Phu-Long Pham, Ying-Xue Li, He-Rong Guo, Rui-Zhen Zeng, Li Xie, Zhi-Sheng Zhang, Jianjun Chen, Qing-Lian Su, and Qing Xia

changes, and limited attention has been given to the regeneration ability during in vitro culture and active phytochemicals such as polysaccharide. We believe that in addition to morphological changes, polyploidized D. officinale , such as tetraploids

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Dario J. Chavez and Paul M. Lyrene

Various techniques have been used to overcome genetic crossing barriers between species in Vaccinium . Tetraploid blueberry plants have been produced by crossing diploid and tetraploid species. The production of unreduced gametes and the

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Ryan N. Contreras

range thereof; however, cultivars exhibiting green foliage during winter are the fewest in number ( Dirr, 2009 ). Foliage of most selections of the related japanese-cedar is yellow, brown, or bronze during winter. However, tetraploid forms of japanese

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Ryan C. Graebner, Hsuan Chen, Ryan N. Contreras, Kathleen G. Haynes, and Vidyasagar Sathuvalli

focused on several sets of crosses between clones of Solanum chacoense that were expected to yield a high proportion of triploid clones, the conclusion reflected previous observations that tetraploid × diploid crosses often result in a low seed set. This